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By Mel Sim

GRADUAN® speaks to Adam Ramadhan Saiful Bahri, Manager, Group Strategy & Transformation, on how being a Management Associate can help you meet all the checkpoints to become the bank’s next-generation leader.

To go far in your career as a banker in UOB, you need to have world-class knowledge on banking and lead by example. The UOB Management Associate Programme (MA) is designed just for that, says Adam Ramadhan Saiful Bahri, Manager, Group Strategy & Transformation. “Talent will get a well-rounded exposure and gain thorough banking knowledge throughout the rotations with the help of world-class training, regional exposure, and guidance from their coaches, mentors and supervisors. Talent can also expect to develop their stakeholder management skills through fast-paced projects, assignments and networking across of all levels of the bank,” says Adam.

Here are more things he wants you to know about the programme.

How the UOB Management Associate Programme is different from others
Firstly, the programme is designed to focus on the Management Associates’ (MAs) growth and development. MAs have access to an internal coach, a line manager mentor, and a HR Programme Manager to discuss development and career goals. They are also assigned a buddy from the MA Alumni to provide them support throughout the programme.

Secondly, the rotations aim to provide breadth of experience across the bank. Through the holistically planned rotations, MAs will get a feel how different functions work and connect from front to back offices, i.e. project management, customer engagement, governance and other support roles.

Thirdly, MAs are assigned a “home” division at the start of the programme, which provides them a home supervisor as an additional support and to deepen the sense of belonging while going through their rotations.

The start of a rewarding career
Talents who have truly invested in this experience whole-heartedly will see their abilities to lead, collaborate, communicate and execute improve multi-fold from when they first entered the organisation. They will also be able to find a place for themselves to thrive and contribute.

On the lookout for…
Potential Management Associates with these key qualities: Learning agility and being open to new learning experiences, drive and resilience, and collaborative team players who become strong leaders in the near future

Want to apply? Here’s Adam’s tip.
When I was interviewing for multiple jobs, I noticed that most group assessments preferred strong individuals who stood out from the group. However, in UOB’s group assessment, the assessors looked for individuals who were more collaborative, able to facilitate discussions, and manage differing opinions. My advice would be to think of fellow applicants as colleagues rather as competitors.

For more answers to your questions regarding the programme, check in with UOB reps at GRADUAN® Aspire this 9 to 12 July.

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