Boost Your Confidence – INSTANTLY!

By Siew Ching

How to look like you got everything under control pronto.

Your big meeting is coming up in five minutes and you’re feeling all sorts of jittery. Where is that boost of confidence when you need it most? Fortunately, it’s right here – with our tips on how you can rapid fire self-esteem into yourself in the next five minutes. Ready? Go get ‘em.

#1 Give yourself a pep talk
If it works in the locker room for athletes, it will work for you. Telling yourself that you got it under control and that you will do well is an easy way to remember that it is in fact the truth! Go through some of the exciting things you’ve prepared for your meeting and believe that it will make others just as excited about the prospects. You’ll feel more confident in just a couple of seconds knowing that you’ve prepared well and are ready to go.

#2 Pick up the pace
Throw your shoulders back, lift up your head, and walk faster than you normally would to the meeting room. This gives you a sense of urgency and a real purpose that you’re ready to conquer that presentation. Not to mention, it will also make you feel more confident as that ready-to-action pace will affect your mentality to feel more purposeful.

#3 Move a lot
It may look weird to be doing this before your meeting but give it a go: Shake out your body, clench your hands like claws, breathe in and out with purpose, hop on your toes up and down, up and down. This is something a lot of speakers do before they go on stage (pay attention to backstage scenes at your next Netflix comedy special – you’ll see comedians pumping themselves up this way!) to get ready for action. Then just right before it’s your turn, shake out your body again and do a quick fist pump – now you’re ready to face the world!

#4 Do something that’s uniquely you
Maybe you have a thing where you knock on wood before attempting something. Or you calm your nerves by taking a whiff of your favourite essential oil. Perhaps you need a moment by yourself in some place quiet to collect your thoughts. Whatever it is that instantly calms your anxiety and gives you solid focus, do it!

#5 Listen to your “song”
Before I get ready for something big – maybe a run or a presentation – I like to plug in my earbuds, select my “song” (Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore!), and turn the volume up to get me in the mood for action. It’s a great way to pump adrenaline into yourself and nothing makes you more ready than some beat-thumping tunes to spike that focus and confidence.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash.

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