Infusing Work with Passion

By Dania Aziz

Executive Director for Gamuda Engineering and Gamuda Land, John Lim Ji Xiong, shares his commitment in paving the way with game-changing transformation.

John is a huge contributor to advance Gamuda Group’s many innovations and firsts in the digital sphere in his capacity as an Executive Director. He has achieved remarkable accomplishments at digitalising the construction industry through his ardent desire to help this multi-awarded organisation break new ground.

John joined the Gamuda Graduate Programme (GGP) after graduation. Established in 2012, GGP allows young graduates to be equipped with leadership and technical skills through a structured on-the-job (OTJ) training programme.

Hard work brings success

There is no doubt that John is a man of great capability. One of his proudest achievements in Gamuda would be the development of the world-first Autonomous Tunnel Boring Machine (A-TBM) for MRT Putrajaya Line, which subsequently, will be used for Sydney Metro West - Western Tunnelling Package, Australia's tunnelling project. Even in the most difficult geological formations, this machine has made it simpler to manage the dangers connected with tunneling, substantially enhancing the safety and wellbeing of its operators. This technology was awarded two international awards for innovation; Major Project of the Year (International Tunnelling Association 2021) and Tunnelling Project of the Year (New Civil Engineer Tunnelling Festival 2021).

Another of his great achievements would be the newly-introduced innovation hub that his team is currently working on. “This innovation hub will be a place for talented individuals across the group to share and implement their innovative ideas and learn new skills. It will also house a lot of Gamuda’s digital talents,” adds John. Aiming to uplevel its digital transformation, Gamuda looks to upskill and reskill its workforce with digital construction skills.

To be in the construction industry, persistence and patience are two important traits to have. “Throughout my time in this industry, I noticed a lot of young talent tend to get disappointed due to mismatched expectations because they often presume that life would be better elsewhere career-wise, for example like working in the Silicon Valley. Success in this industry revolves around going through hard times and still being able to give it your all. This applies to other industries as well,” John says.

What has helped John achieve the heights he has reached is a combination of factors. One of it was passion. “I was a Site Engineer before I started my current role but my passion has always been in Software Development and Artificial Intelligence (AI),” John shares. Working in Gamuda has made it possible for John to blend his passion, that is to incorporate technology into construction, with his current role whilst creating new values out of it as he’s been given the opportunity to pioneer new innovations. This, of course, would not have been successful without a great team and a great environment. Having an excellent team that is made up of people who share the same passion and a supportive management that constantly provides him chances to take on more responsibility are other push factors that motivate him to keep going.

Although he had never considered working in the construction industry while he was a student, he claimed that starting his career at Gamuda was one of the best decisions he has ever made. “Becoming a Gamuda scholar definitely helped me learn more about this field. Looking back on all the achievements and the trajectory of where all of this is headed with the company that enables it all are the things that have helped me realise that this is the right career path,” says John.

Another element that has motivated John in his accomplishments is the advice he received from the people he met throughout his career. One of the best advice is that no matter what you do, it is always important to emphatise and work with people in order to be able to build bridges and co-create with the team. “I would like to see Gamuda continue to break the technology barrier and be an innovator in the construction industry while also playing a role in shaping and nurturing amazing talents in Malaysia,” expresses John.

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