Five Reasons You Should Work in EY

By Tan Cheah Cheng

Tan Cheah Cheng, Senior in Assurance, shares her experience working with the firm.

I started off as an intern and am currently a second-year Senior Associate in Ernst & Young PLT (EY). I still remember vividly the day I applied for an internship position in EY, I knew I would love working in this people-oriented environment. Working in EY is not just about work but also personal development. Let me tell you why.

First, EY prioritises the wellbeing of its people. From time to time, fitness-related events are held in the office for people to participate in. You also get to enjoy membership discounts in selected fitness clubs. I personally enjoy the annual Intra-EY sports events, where different departments in EY compete against each other in games such as netball, futsal, basketball and athletics. On top of that, the other annual sports event I always look forward to is the Inter-Accounting Firm Games (IAFG) where we get to represent EY and compete against other accounting firms in various sports events.

Secondly, I appreciate the flexible work culture in EY that has allowed me to have a more balanced professional and personal life, thanks to the formal and informal flexible work arrangements offered to everyone. This flexibility also extends to our dress code where we have an occasion-driven dress policy that allows us the flexibility to choose smart casual or formal business wear to work, depending on the occasion.

EY also encourages its people to make a positive impact on the lives of others, and this is demonstrated through EY Ripples, our global corporate responsibility programme. I have personally participated in an EY Ripples event where I volunteered to facilitate a learning session for high school students on climate change and sustainability. Not only was it fun, but it also felt great knowing I was able to give back to society as well!

Fourth, EY provides free access to various online learning and upskilling programmes to everyone in the organisation, including interns! These programmes have greatly helped me enhance my skills and knowledge, for example in digital visualisation, which has helped me in carrying out digital audits. I am also part of the digital team in my department, supporting fellow colleagues in terms of digital audits.

Finally, if you are someone who appreciates having a collaborative and inclusive work culture, then EY is the place for you. When I was new to the firm, seniors were very supportive and attentive, and this helped me a lot as a fresh graduate. It’s also great that every employee in EY is assigned a career counsellor, hence when we have any work-related concerns, we can reach out to our counsellors anytime.

EY has given me various opportunities to grow my career. It’s like having all the ingredients for success laid down in front of you. What you need to do to have an exceptional EY experience is to know how to fully utilise what is being offered so that you can build the career you want and grow to be the best version of yourself.

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