Enjoy Work-Life Balance with Huntsman

For Huntsman and its associates, family is of paramount importance, and a hybrid work model is not new to them. Read more for details.

Huntsman is an organization that practices and incorporates work-life balance as it understands that associates have an equal responsibility to their families. Most companies applied work from home flexibility after the pandemic happened, but Huntsman was already using a hybrid model for associates to have flexibility.

Since we are now moving towards the end of the pandemic, the management team has adopted a gradual approach to aid and support associates as they move to a new-normal. To enable more flexibility while maintaining and strengthening its collaborative, innovative, and trust-based culture, the company has established a permanent hybrid work model, which combines in-office and remote workdays.

Here’s more on how the company is supporting its associates.

How did your company handle the pandemic? What kind of support did your organization offer its employees?
When the pandemic first started, we made sure our associates had the necessary infrastructure to operate from their homes.

We want our associates to lead healthy lives while working from home. We provided them with basic medical care and sanitization products. We also took the initiative to launch an Employee Assistance Program where associates and their immediate family members can get counseling services for free.

Inclusivity in an organization is important. What initiatives has Huntsman implemented to promote inclusivity?
For us, being inclusive means rejecting any type of distinction in the way we treat different workforce groups. We reached the gender diversity ratio long before the industry began to discuss it. In our Kuala Lumpur office, we have 60 percent female and 40 percent male. The company recognizes its associates based on their contributions and performance, not their gender, age or ethnicity.

All of our associates have access to internal career opportunities with internal candidates filling 85 percent of our current leadership positions. The majority of our benefits rank highly across all relevant industries and we have business conduct guidelines in place that focus on equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination.

We respect individual distinctions, and together with our associates, we celebrate several festive and holiday seasons

How can talent help your organization to be the best out of the best in the new norm?
We believe that cross-collaboration, a learning mindset and an agile mentality are attributes necessary to move forward on this journey. It is essential that we all connect to the true reason why we are working together.

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