Enact Social Change through Better Business Practices

By Dania Aziz

TDCX Malaysia shares how it prepares for the future by supporting the communities while also empowering its employees.

At TDCX, self-improvement is celebrated as a gambit to retain a competitive edge. It is now deemed essential to improve business practices while also contributing to the society. This is executed by providing its employees with a vast range of courses in TD University and LinkedIn Learning, allowing them to learn at their own pace and time. It also believed that regular coaching and mentoring, in addition to learning, enhance a talent’s confidence in becoming more effective at work.

Besides that, TDCX is no stranger to incorporating diversity and inclusion as comprehensive strategies into every aspect of the talent life cycle. For example, in March 2021, TDCX campaigned for a gender-equal world, a cause that greatly resonates with its positive stance on gender equality and workplace inclusion and diversity.

TDCX also showed its support during International Women’s Day by uniting its local teams to celebrate and empower women in the workplace, emboldening everyone to show their support by striking the #ChooseToChallenge pose, a global pledge to continue calling out gender biases and advocating equal rights for all.

Unleash the potential of both technical and human capabilities

For TDCX, rather than replacing the human in the industry, it leveraged a digital hiring solution called Flash Hire, remotely recruiting and onboarding new staff to support its clients’ needs and business continuity. It aimed to integrate its human expertise with its in-house digital hiring technologies to quickly and proactively seek for and retain the greatest skills in the industry.

While still enabling the Talent & Hiring teams to own all the decisions on cultural inclusion or CX fit using their own years of human experience, this tool takes care of the components that can be automated, such as marking language tests and giving candidates status updates, allowing the entire process to become much more personalised. This is unquestionably the bionic age's turning point.

During the pandemic, TDCX is more determined than ever to engage better within the organisation. Thanks to the power of digital transformation, TDCX gets to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees, allowing its clients to conduct business as usual, and assisting the communities in overcoming this disaster.

Digital tools that were developed in-house in TDCX Digital Lab such as VC functionality, real-time reporting, cloud-telephony, remote coaching tools, and digital hiring capability have enabled it to implement safety measures at all workspaces prior to the nation lockdown in Malaysia.

As soon as the Movement Control Order took effect in March 2020, 2,500 people were moved to their homes in less than 48 hours, security and data protection were renewed for 100% of its home agents, and TDCX also remotely hired and onboarded more than 500 new staffs.

TDCX did not just stop there. It also launched Work@Home webinar to share its business continuity insights, tailored wellness programmes for every country, and launched e-learning with attendance of over 2,000 staff.

Despite the pandemic, TDCX began its CSR campaign #PriorityHiring in May 2020. It was initiated for the unemployed to assist in the replacement of thousands of CX and Sales talent in the industry who were made redundant as a result of the pandemic into other organisations within the ecosystem.

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