Embracing the Future of Work with Experian!

At Experian, Future of Work is our approach to working flexibly for our business and our employees. Read for more details.

Creating the right work environment to incorporate work-life balance
Work-life balance is a priority that is promoted by senior leadership and by everyone in the organisation. Giving employees more flexibility over how and where they work is essential to being really flexible. Experian launched four options to pick from, depending on the role, that allows you to continue achieving our business goals, deliver on our promises, and build critical aspects of our culture that make us unique.

  1. Hybrid: A mix of office and home-based. The primary place of work is between an office, and you can flex up and down as required.
  2. Home: The primary place of work is your home.
  3. Roam: The primary place of work is “on the road”, where you frequently visit client offices.
  4. Hub: Office-based due to requirements of your role.

Some initiatives Experian does to promote growth
Innovation is part of Experian's commitment to building sophisticated technology that drives leading-edge innovation, enabling us to do things others can't. With this commitment, we are an organisation full of opportunities if you have a thirst to thrive.

We are focused on developing talent from the ground up, and our Early Career Program is designed to give new professionals the chance to be at the heart of our business. Our Internship Program or Graduate Talent Program allows recent graduates to hone newly acquired skills through various programme designed for them.

Some of the initiatives we have in Experian are covered in Stepping Stones, a range of short-term development experiences. They give our employees the freedom to take charge of their own growth and make progress towards their professional objectives. Our employees can choose from three options: Job Shadowing, Knowledge Transfer, and Job Rotations.

Graduates are also given a wide range of information through our internal Elevate learning portals and our Empower programme dedicated to continuous improvement, allowing you to be Lean Six Sigma certified, Starship programmes, and many more.

Making sure staff wellbeing is taken care of
We don't just say that “staff wellbeing is at the heart of our organisation's ways of working.” We are intentional with our “people-first” approach by providing employees a holistic support system regarding mental wellbeing, physical fitness and financial literacy through our ExperianCares programme.

Regular pulse surveys are used to establish two-way communication with our staff members, allowing us to act quickly and make sure the right support is accessible. We put in place a range of initiatives to support our teams, for example, #ReachOut, which gives employees access to resources to support their physical and mental health whenever needed.

We have created initiatives to assist staff in adjusting to working remotely. Thriving Remotely provides resources such as e-booklets, podcasts, webinars, senior leadership vlogs, playlists, and infographics, alongside other activities to communicate with colleagues. We run mindfulness and resilience programmes and introduced Employee Assistance Programmes that provide financial support for employees impacted by major life-changing obstacles.

Connect 4 is an initiative to randomly connect groups of four colleagues, replicate spontaneous “water-cooler” conversations, and grow employee networks. Our people have demonstrated their capacity for creating new connections independently, an example being our Home-Aloners group, employees who live on their own coming together to create a community of support, swapping stories, pictures, hints and tips

Do you mind sharing with us activities or programmes Experian provides to create a sense of community?
We are committed to helping tackle climate change and reducing our impact on the environment. We have committed to be carbon neutral* by 2030 and have set a science-based target.

As an information services business, the main environmental impact we control is the carbon footprint of our offices, data centers and business travel. We are also working to better understand and manage the climate impact of our supply chain and aim to reduce our environmental footprint further by eliminating the use of single-use plastic in our facilities as much as possible.

We believe sustainability is fundamental to creating a better tomorrow. That means working with integrity, valuing our people, investing in our communities, and unlocking the power of data to benefit everyone. Through our people, products, profit and resources, we uphold the highest ethical standards while putting people and our planet at the heart of everything we do.

What matters most to us is the people in our community and our environment, so we pour our resources into both and invest in them at every opportunity. Whether it's about inclusivity, helping those in difficult situations, or trying to increase sustainability, we're willing to do what it takes to create a better tomorrow.

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