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Take the next big LEAP in your career with EPF

Posted on 2021-04-19 01:30:00

The Employees Provident Fund is reshaping the future of graduates in a big way. Here’s how.

From the moment young graduates sign their offer letter to be part of EPF’s Leading EPF Apprentice Programme (LEAP), their purpose in the organisation is clear: To help members achieve a better future. Their members? Over 14.89 million Malaysian employees spread across over 500,000 employers across the country.

Young talent enrolled in this programme will begin their journey in the working world as Management Trainees and will be put through two years of rotations across the organisation, hands-on learning opportunities, cross-collaboration across businesses through project assignments and also be given a chance for mentoring pair-ups with EPF’S leadership team!

As an EPF Management Trainee, a sense of public service is vital. Being part of an organisation that safeguards retirement funds for millions of Malaysians is a noble task. As a Management Trainee in the organisation, you will need demonstrate the fund’s core values which are integrity, teamwork, continuous improvement, and customer centricity.

If you’re looking to sign up for this exciting programme, you are advised to highlight your ability to be flexible, adaptable and agile in your approach to work. Recruiters are also keen on hiring those who express their eagerness to learn new things and improve their skillsets, especially in the age of new norms.

Since the EPF engages with a variety of different individuals from all walks of life, Management Trainees will be introduced to a diverse line-up of stakeholders. Thus, communication is an important skill to have. Worry not, mentors at the fund will be more than happy to help you polish your skills!

At the end of the two-year programme, your skillsets will be enhanced while you equip yourselves with better understanding of your business acumen, stakeholder management, better networking, flexibility and agility.

The EPF also believes that individuals will widen their horizons and in turn improve their problem-solving skills, having more vantage points to see problems from different angles and beat any issue at hand!

By Ahmed Wafi

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