Aspiring To Be At The Top Level!

By Jean Lee

Consistent hardwork, discipline and constant dedication paves the way for a brighter future. En. Abdul Rasyid bin Mohamed Ridzwan talks about his experiences with RHB which led to his current role as the Executive Assistant to the Group Managing Director’s Office.

“This role draws out the best in me, to learn, unlearn and relearn!” Rasyid illustrating his role as Executive Assistant to the Group Managing Director at RHB bank.

Aspiring to be the best in his field, Rasyid was fixated with his ambitious dream - to one day, lead and be part of the top management team of RHB Banking Group. The opportunity finally came when he became the Executive Assistant to the Group Managing Director and it has been an exciting journey ever since!

The young and dynamic Accounting and Finance graduate from the London School of Economics previously held the position of Premier Centre Manager at the KLCC Premier Centre before moving on as a Branch Manager in Shah Alam for three years, before eventually taking on a strategic role with the Group Customer Experience department.

Today, just five months in his role as Executive Assistant to the Group Managing Director of RHB Banking Group, Rasyid has already gained much experience from his daily responsibilities. “My role here is multidimensional, primarily providing key assistance to the Group Managing Director on a day-to-day basis on business matters across the Group”, Rasyid explained. Working more from a strategic standpoint, his job requires him to be quick to analyse any given portfolio as well as to assist the GMD in providing key highlights on the assigned portfolios. “In this case, knowing the micro and macro elements of business requirements and prioritising key factors that need attention”, said Rasyid. He currently looks into the following pillars: Group Retail Banking, Group Digital, International Business as well as Group Risk and Compliance.

As demanding as his position can be, which requires diligence and effort, it also helps to keep him on his feet while challenging him to do better. It is essential for him to have just the right balance in making good judgements that would impact and influence in the decision making process. He went on to stress that being in his position requires impeccable skills and competency in problem solving and critical thinking. “In my opinion, the most challenging roles are also the most exciting!” he says.

And it is not all hard work; his role does come with its own unique perks, simply because of the nature and demands of the role which keeps him agile. “What I enjoy most is adapting and learning different and new things within the Group”, said the hockey enthusiast. Describing his journey thus far as ‘extraordinary’, he went on to list the advantages he’s gained from working in the Group Managing Director’s office. “Besides the opportunity to expand my network, it builds my character and shapes my professional personality”.

Every day in the Group Managing Director’s office is part of a learning process, and the best thing Rasyid has learnt is key traits of being a great leader! He addressed the importance of having different perspectives towards ideation, implementing them accordingly by taking into consideration key factors involved, to always being precise on the difference of what an objective and purpose is and finally, improvising on what is at hand. “I’ve learnt this first hand from the Group Managing Director himself and it is definitely a priceless experience”

Upon describing and breaking down his professional journey at RHB to Graduan, Rasyid’s advice to those interested in a career progression such as his is to have the right attitude with the best approach in mind to the responsibilities assigned. Think of the value you can bring and have a distinct goal of what you aspire to achieve.

“Never fail to belief in yourself! Communication is key and always uphold the importance of being disciplined, determined and dedicated!!”

In his five years with RHB, Rasyid is as driven and excited towards the future as he was when he first started. “I have the utmost appreciation for all colleagues and leaders I’ve worked with and those I am currently working with, especially in the Group Managing Director’s office. It is indeed something I’m truly blessed with and certainly am looking forward to what lies ahead”, he said.

As he on this journey with RHB, he looks forward to contributing further to the progress of the Group, specifically under the FIT22 strategic plan.

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