Aces Go Places!

By Ahmed Wafi

Step into KPMG’s Advisory Aces, designed for the best.

Upon receiving their scrolls, many graduates ask themselves, ‘What do I do now?’. The truth is we’ll never really know what we want to do until we try it out.

That’s where KPMG steps in with its Advisory Ace programme. Graduates are allowed to discover the world of advisory by spending six months in rotation in each department of the firm’s advisory umbrella which are Risk Consulting, Management Consulting, Deals Advisory and Technology Consulting for a period of 2 years.

Aces can even try their hand at Audit and Data Analytics if they’re feeling adventurous subject to the advice of their supervisors. At the end of the programme, Aces can choose which department to continue their career in with their respective supervisors also providing recommendations as to where they see the talent most fitting.

To get more info about Advisory Aces, #teamGRADUAN checked in with Advisory Ace Associate - Zety Zain, University of Melbourne’s class of 2020 Economics and Finance graduate, whose been part of the programme since graduation.

Tell us about your first day as an Advisory Ace.
I joined the firm right in the middle of the MCO last year. Due to safety reasons, only two Aces were orientated at a time. The orientation did not take long and after we were done, the KPMG team gave us a tour of the office.

I was excited to start my tasks in the first department I was assigned to, Financial Risk Management under Risk Consulting. Unfortunately, in the new normal, I didn’t get to meet any of my colleagues who were all working from home apart from the other graduate who attended orientation on the same day. We had a few scheduled calls with the other Aces as well as with the Head of Banking and Head of Financial Service in Advisory, Encik Nasri.

What do you like most about the programme?
Despite most of our meet ups done virtually, getting to know the other associates, sharing experiences in rotating departments, and just getting an overall understanding about the programme have helped me settle in.

Another thing I like about the programme is that I get to widen my horizon and make connections throughout the Advisory umbrella as well as build good relationships with the management handling the programme. Throughout my short time here, I’ve made close friends from the programme that help make work a lot more fun and bearable during stressful times.

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