6 Totally Creepy Horrors to Catch Right Now

And all available on Netflix!

Horror fans know this: A lot of the horror flicks we see are pretty much garbage. With unrealistic action, predictable plots and characters that make you facepalm so hard.

But not these six we picked out just for you this Halloween though. No, these six will make you cover your eyes, jump out of your seat and leave you wanting more.

And they are all available on Netflix so you can grab your popcorn, hug your pillow and have a horror movie marathon.

Gerald’s Game
This will not be the first Stephen King film adaptation on this list. A couple travel to the countryside for a romantic getaway but an unexpected twist of events turns everything haywire. This psychological horror flick will have on the edge of your seat!

In the Tall Grass
Ever wondered what it’s like to get loss in an endless maze? This creepy film adaptation of Stephen King’s novella by the same name follows the story of a brother and sister driving through the countryside when they make a pitstop next to a field of tall grass. After they hear a call for help, an investigation ensues but what follows suit will have you drop your jaw.

Get Out
Jordan Peele’s directorial debut could not have gone any better than this. A black man travels to his girlfriend’s countryside estate to meet her parents but unravels a dark secret. He later finds out that he is a victim of what’s to come. And he’s not the first.

After finding a cell phone in a bar one night, a bartender finds creepy videos on the phone and starts to receive mysterious phone calls and text messages that drive his sanity to the brink.

Stephen King’s work makes yet another appearance on this list as a Netflix original that tells a tale about a farmer’s plot to murder his wife. He even manages to drag his son to join in. All in the name of financial gain. What happens later is not good news for either of them and is a cautionary tale. You get back what you give!

Lights Out
Three years after the success of the 2013 short film of the same name, Lights Out continues to scare audiences around the world with its creepy concept of a supernatural being appearing as soon as the lights go out. You might want to keep the lights on for this one.

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