Get ahead with the OCBC Graduate Talent Programme

By Mel Sim

The comprehensive two-year programme is designed to give you the ins and outs of the banking industry. OCBC's Graduate Talent, Haziq Adlin explains in detail!

#1 You’re free to explore
The OCBC Graduate Talent Programme does not limit applicants to apply to a specific department within the bank, which is unique compared to other programmes I know. Applicants have the freedom to apply for any division of their choice. Even those without a banking degree are welcomed to apply, so long as you have a degree from an accredited institution. In my opinion, a management trainee in any organisation has to stand out in the crowd. In this case, it’s OK to be different!

#2 Limitless opportunities to learn
The programme starts with internal training for multiple consecutive weeks which covers everything you need to know about working in a bank. The opportunity to learn is unlimited as there will be rotation within the division of your choice for the rest of your first year and several days of trainings in your second year with the programme.

#3 Grow as an all-rounder
There are many amazing things that you will achieve at the end of the programme but I have to say that the most important is all trainees will be more equipped to understand how they can grow both in their professional and personal development.

#4 A unique experience
On my first day, I met people from fields outside banking and finance like myself and was surprised that the bank has various supporting functions that I never knew about prior to joining and how close the tie-in is between divisions. I was also in awe of sheer number of female leaders in the bank.

#5 If you want to succeed, do this
Do differently (in a good way) for yourself to grow as a person and learn how to manifest your strengths.

To know more about the OCBC Graduate Talent Programme, click here! Check out OCBC's Virtual Booth at GRADUAN ASPIRE this 24-27 October to learn more!

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