5 Signs You Are Ready For A New Challenge

By Siew Ching

Time to up your game and take on more responsibilities at work.

Work has been exciting, stimulating, and something to look forward to every day but fast forward a year or two and it is starting to lack its appeal. You don’t feel creative or motivated to go the extra mile anymore. In fact, it’s starting to bore you as you do the same thing day in, day out.

What’s happening? We’re willing to put our money on the fact that you’re ready to pick up on new challenges at work. A great job challenges you regularly and creates many opportunities for professional growth that will set you up for awesome career advancement.

If you aren’t getting any of these from your current role, it’s a huge sign that it’s time to seek out new challenges. That doesn’t mean you need a new job; in fact, it’s as simple as asking your manager to give you new tasks or KPIs so you can feel excited about work once more.

But first, here are the telltale signs that you’re ready to have that conversation with your manager.

#1 You are bored at work
The most telling of all the signs – people often need to be challenged to feel engaged with their work. If you are bored every day, just waiting to pass time at your desk, you most definitely want to consider asking for more challenging assignments so there’s something to look forward to and new skills to pick up on.

#2 You don’t feel like doing more
Why bother, you tell yourself, when you’re not getting any satisfaction out of work. Having tasked the same thing every day will make you lose your desire to want to go the extra mile, especially when you ponder on whether it will be worth your time.

#3 You have a nagging feeling that something is missing
You’re pretty happy with your work arrangement… but it’s not giving you the same satisfaction as it used to. Everything is great but you have a persistent feeling of unfulfillment that you can’t quite pinpoint what it is. Always pay attention to your gut feel – it might be telling you something!

#4 You don’t relate to your colleagues as you used to
Suddenly, you find your colleagues annoying. You don’t feel like going for lunch with them anymore. Your office space which you used to enjoy seems dull right now. The superb building you work in – not as superb anymore. All this negativity could be a spillover effect from you not feeling it at work anymore.

#5 You know you can do more!
Deep down inside, you know there is so much more that you can offer but unfortunately, you’re not getting the opportunities to do them whether it is because your company isn’t exactly working on the things you look forward to or you’re being sidestepped by your manager, discrediting you for your skills. Your professional development is hindered if you’re not regularly expanding your skillset. You’ve mastered your core responsibilities but you also feel like you have plenty of room for expansion.

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Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash.

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