5 Career Lessons You’ll Learn from Emily in Paris!

Nadia Syafiq

Not just how to dress to impress but how to get your career started on the right path!

If you haven’t heard, Emily, the main star of Emily in Paris, is an ambitious, optimistic, and confident twenty-something marketing exec from Chicago who is sent to Paris to work with Savoir, a prestigious marketing firm. She is tasked to revamp Savoir’s social media strategy and bring an American point of view to the floor. Her newfound journey is filled with adventures and challenges as she tries to fit in her new environment, meeting new people, adapting to cultural differences, and navigating new romances.

Despite her new co-workers intimidating and taking advantage of her, Emily is determined to give it her best! Other than the obvious attractions of the series – the beautiful city of Paris, chic Parisian fashion, eye-candy French actors – Emily in Paris is also filled with career tips and inspiration, and here are five of them:

#1 There is no “I” in team
Emily is constantly reminding her boss, Sylvie of this, even though Sylvie keeps on picking on her and expects her to fail. In one episode, Sylvie even corrects Emily and tells her that the French word for team is équipe... and it does actually have an 'I' in it! Teamwork is key to success. Think of it as a win-win situation! If you work well together, you and your team both will succeed.

#2 Say yes to new adventures!
Emily is always creative with her approach and “idea-ready”. And she never misses the chance to act upon them – and often ends up winning. Which is exactly how you should approach the unknown and new experiences. It is about being open to opportunities and seizing those situations when they are presented to you.

#3 Think outside of the box
Being an out-of-the-box thinker is important in any line of work. Ask Emily, who impresses the head of a leading cosmetic brand with her one-of-a-kind Instagram posts. Think about it: If everyone accepted things the way they were, then there would never be any invention or innovation. Applying creativity in everything we do will allow us to keep growing which will also lead to forward-thinking decisions in business.

#4 Adaptability, positivity, and can-do attitude
It is OK to make mistakes. Emily made a few bad ones but she always finds a way to make it better thanks to her optimistic and positive mindset. Since day one, Emily’s boss Sylvie had made it clear that Emily will never be a part of their team nor she will succeed but Emily’s can-do attitude has not only won Savoir new clients but also a well-respected place in her team. Takeaway? Positivity and never giving up are key to success.

#5 Be proactive and speak up
If you need to speak up and you believe in your ideas, do not wait for the opportunity. When Emily did not agree with the sexist De L’Heure campaign, she took the initiative to speak her thoughts to Antoine Lambert. Although the thought of sounding irrelevant to others is kind of scary, people actually appreciate employees who are proactive and knows how to voice their opinions well and professionally. As the saying goes, “A proactive employee thinks ahead, acts ahead, and gets ahead.”

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