Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

By Farisha Adriana

With a focus on continuous learning and leadership development, Bank Islam's YLP is perfect for aspiring leaders.

Are you interested in becoming the next generation of leaders in the Islamic Banking industry? Then, Bank Islam's Young Leaders Programme (YLP) is the ideal platform for you!

Bank Islam is cultivating young talents through the YLP programme to produce highly trained industry professionals. YLP is an 18-month structured development programme with direct attachment and mentorship from Bank Islam's top management, providing you with professional growth opportunities with Islamic banking certification, job rotations through all business units as well as hands-on experience.

Are you a non-business or finance graduate? No problem! Graduates from all fields are welcome.

What do they say about the programme? We speak to YLP trainees - Emylia Harriet Steven and Nur Syahirah on their experience.

How was your first day in YLP?
Emylia: It was exhilarating for me! All Young Leaders received a personalised welcome kit complete with a heart-warming welcome note.

Our Chief Human Resources Officer, Iskandar Shah Zulkarnain, shared words of wisdom during his welcome speech, which was motivating. There were also fun challenges and activities using the scavenger hunt GooseChase app to break the ice. We were also introduced to Bank Islam's culture and initiative on digitalisation which made me look forward to my next day at work!

Syahirah: I couldn't believe I was living the dream of having a full-time job right after graduation. On the first day of my attachment at eChannels, I was introduced to everyone in the department and briefed on both ongoing and future projects of our new mobile banking app GO by Bank Islam, as well as their expectations on how I could contribute to the group. I was also invited to join a team discussion where I was given a chance to pitch my thoughts on this project and contribute.

What were some of your favourite moments so far?
Emylia: My first meeting with my mentor Haji Zamree Mohamed, Head of Consumer Banking Division. Despite his hectic schedule, he would make it a point to meet with me, discuss my career aspirations and devise plans to achieve them. I also had the opportunity to be a Bank Service Executive at one of Bank Islam's branches. My job was to educate customers on our bank's digital service and encourage them to utilise the service. I was given on-the-job training by my supervisors and got to showcase my people skills with the customers.

I was also inspired and motivated listening to Bank Islam's CEO Mohd Muazzam Mohamed sharing his aspiration, goals and business plans during our virtual engagement session with the rest of YLP trainees for 2020. He expressed his desire to adapt to the drastic shift in trends and demands that the new norm has brought about.

Syahirah: On top of the list would be leading my very first credit card campaign. My superiors trusted me with coming up with the campaign mechanics and selecting the winners. I was delighted to be in charge of the whole process.

I was also responsible for coming up with a new digital marketing tool, Electronic Direct Mails or EDMs, for Bank Islam Card members. My teammates entrusted me to design the EDM template from scratch, which later became the standard template for our customers.

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