Zoom Fatigue – The Struggle is Real

By Ahmed Wafi

These simple fixes can make your video calls more bearable.

So… you’ve got three video calls scheduled back to back tomorrow and you’re dreading it because halfway through the second call, you’ll need to hold back your flurry of yawns so no one notices. As soon as the third call ends you’ll slump back into your desk and release the heaviest sigh. Exhausted.

But why though? After all you are just sitting down looking into a screen.

And that’s exactly why!

Zoom calls drain the energy out of you because you’ll need to devote extra attention to the person on the other end of the line in order to get a clearer message of what it is they’re saying and absorb more information WITHOUT a mental or visual rest.

Let’s face it, Zoom calls will be part and parcel of everyday working life until whenever so there’s really no end to it! But as always, we’ve come up with ways you can beat Zoom fatigue and seize the day.

Hide Self-View
Stanford researchers have agreed that looking at yourself for long periods of time can be stressful. On top of that, it’s quite distracting, plastered right on the screen. In fact, a 2011 paper published found that humans are universally uncomfortable with looking in the mirror citing that not only are we seeing ourselves as others see us but also seeing ourself as if we were someone else. Fix? Right click your camera’s display and click hide self-view. Thank me later.

Avoid distractions/multitasking
We’re sure you’ve heard this one before: Multitasking is never the best idea. Essentially, if you’re doing more than a few tasks at a time, neither tasks will be given your full attention. Yes, it’s tempting to be replying emails while you’re not speaking on the call but trust us on this one, your work will improve if you’re more present during the call and giving it your undivided attention.

Give yourself space and sunlight
Having to be in back-to-back calls throughout the day is already stressful and tiring as it is so let’s not make things worse by confining yourself to a dimly lit room without much space to move around. Open up the windows or even move from one spot of your house to another to give yourself a change of scenery!

A good ol’ walk!
Yes, you’re supposed to #StayAtHome during COVID season to help flatten the curve but taking a walk outside to get a breath of fresh air and sunlight won’t do much harm so long as you have your mask on.

Working from home and sitting through back-to-back Zoom calls can be mentally exhausting and is hard as it is. Listen to your body and give yourself a break every now and again to keep your head in the game.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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