What makes you PROUD to be Malaysian?

By Charisma Rossilia

Malaysia is celebrating its 65th Independence Day this year and here’s what a few proud Malaysians have to say about our beloved country.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

We’ve come a long way since we achieved independence in 1957. A lot has changed and Malaysia has become a beautiful country to live in.

In conjunction with National Day, let’s hear from a few of our fellow Malaysians on what makes them proud to be Malaysian and how they would describe Malaysia in one word.

“I’m proud of how most of us embrace our differences and happily live in diversity. Having multiple races in one country brings so much creativity in terms of food, clothing and even languages or dialects! Not forgetting, the super vibrant celebrations we celebrate together. If I have to define Malaysia in one word, it would be versatile.” - Wan Naqbila

“I am proud to be a Malaysian because of our multiracial country that celebrates different festivals. Most importantly, we have lots of food choices from Malay, Chinese and Indian ingredients! Although our country has been through a lot lately, many still try to make Malaysia a better place every day. In my eyes, the best word to describe Malaysia is diversity.” - Aishatul Quraisha

“My heart and soul belong to Malaysia, the place I was born and raised. I am proud to say I am Malaysian anywhere I go. We have so many things to be proud of. We live in a multicultural country. It’s nice to be able to speak more than one language. Not forgetting our amazing food from all the races we have here! It is something I always crave for when I’m traveling abroad. Nothing beats Malaysian dishes. Hometown is what describes Malaysia best for me.” - Haziq Hazeman

“It’s a privilege to be living in such a diverse country. From the history, the culture, food, festivities and language. Despite all this diversity, we are one. Every elderly we meet are our aunties and uncles, and young kids are our adiks. So many kakaks and abangs we meet every day. We are different, yet we are one. Malaysia is home to me.” - Puteri Iffah

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

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