This Company Wants You To Have The Best Working Experience

By Chow Ee-Tan

Gamuda Berhad is all about focusing on its greatest asset – its people.

From the very onset, the founders of the company have always stressed that our people are our greatest asset.

Starting out as a construction outfit more than 40 years ago, Gamuda Berhad found itself a niche by building complex and challenging rail and highway connections at a time when Malaysia started to envision the creation of a modern state that would see economic growth prosper the nation and its people.

These new links spurred increased mobility that opened up new growth corridors, and here again, Gamuda embarked on developing sustainable townships to meet the growing needs of modern communities as part of its nation-building efforts.

Over time, Gamuda became known for its competent and well-trained workforce that was able to come up with innovative engineering solutions, resulting in the creation of projects such as the Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel or SMART, touted as a world first; the Electrified Double Tracking Project and a Malaysian first, the MRT Line 1, which was completed July last year, two weeks ahead of schedule.

Backed by a proven track record, Gamuda is in a better than ever position to bid for the next wave of infrastructure projects – estimated to be worth over RM100 billion – and set to be a game changer for the nation’s economic sustainability.

In the words of Human Resources General Manager Murnira Abdul Mury however, Gamuda is only as good as the people it employs.

“From the very onset, the founders of the company have always stressed that our people are our greatest asset. And for the Group to succeed, they must be given every opportunity to develop their career in pursuit of personal goals for a shared future.

“This was the foundation that set the stage for Gamuda to build a solid track record, and the reason why we continue with our relentless effort to not only make Gamuda a great place to work but to offer various platforms for our people to enhance themselves by learning and acquiring new skills,” she says.

According to Murnira the Group is the best place for young graduates to be part of nation building, given its involvement in iconic projects such as the under construction MRT Line 2, the Pan Borneo Highway in East Malaysia, and Malaysia’s first digital Industrialised Building System (IBS) factory.

“Our people also have the unique advantage of moving from one project to another, and in doing so, learn new skills and develop new capabilities that benefit their self-development,” she adds.

The Group’s diverse talent pool – half of whom are aged below 35 – are well positioned to embrace the digital transformation taking place in the building industry.

“Our employees are the force that gives us our competitive edge. As such, given the scale and complexity of the work we do, we are on the lookout for talent who not only possess excellent engineering and technical skills, but also those who exhibit creativity, confidence, commitment, and are able to collaborate and communicate well.

Individual strength aside, the Group believes in the power of a diverse and inclusive workforce to push the business ahead in a responsible manner, and as such, employs a hiring culture that cuts across race, gender, religion, age, socio-economic status, and neuro diversity.

“Our hiring process is tailored to ensure equal opportunity for all and our work environment is designed for everyone to succeed,” says Murnira.

The Group also provides a host of privileges cultivated to retain and upskill talent, with benefits related to well-being, giving employees the freedom to utilise their health and wellness benefits according to their specific needs; flexi-work arrangement, which allows employees to select from a host of options including staggered working hours and flexible workplace to manage work and family needs; and women-friendly options such as childcare leave and creche services.

In addition, Gamuda’s career advancement agenda is intrinsically linked to employees’ self-development goals where specially curated training and development programmes are carried out at the Gamuda Learning Centre, BIM Academy and Tunnelling Training Academy.

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