The Reasons Why Honda is an Awesome Employer!

By Mel Sim

From making great cars to ensuring its employees receive ample opportunities to drive forward in their careers, here’s why Honda should top your list as a preferred employer.

#1 Good employer branding
Who doesn’t know Honda? Its cars are seen everywhere in the world and the company keeps coming up with exciting designs and features to continually capture the market. It is so much more than just wheels; Honda’s also known for its innovative products like the latest Honda Sensing, a set of exclusive intelligent suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies designed to alert the driver of things they might miss while driving – which can be something you’d be working on as an employee at Honda.

#2 Good benefits
Naturally, you’d want to work for a company with good benefits. That means the company puts its people first. Guess what – Honda’s exactly like that. As an employee, you’ll get to enjoy benefits such as competitive salaries and allowances, medical benefits, leaves, insurance (personal accident and life), attractive bonuses, company cars for outstation trips, subsidized lunches (for manufacturing only) and cool uniforms to wear to work every day.

#3 Ample growth opportunities. Plus, the opportunity to work overseas!
To ensure its employees receive continuous learning for their own personal development, Honda has been consistently developing several programmes focusing on talent management. Here are some you might be interested in:

Honda JUKU programme (EDP, MDP, LDP), a development program to cultivate job performance sensitivity while developing employees to maximise their potential, The Asia & Oceania Assessment & Development programme to develop next generation talents and Life-long learning (F-course, J-course, HFC 1 & 2, HLTW) in developing Ideal Honda Associates.

There are also the opportunities for job rotation and job placement in other regions, including Honda Japan.

#4 Great culture
Everyone knows company culture is important because employees are more likely to work better and more passionately when their needs and values are consistent with the company’s. The Honda Philosophy of “The Three Joys” that are The Joy of Selling, The Joy of Buying and The Joy of Creating means Honda believes that each person that is working in, or coming in touch with its company, directly or through its products, should share a sense of joy through that experience. Ultimately, the philosophy is based on its fundamental beliefs, which is to make Honda customers happy and to improve their lives through Honda products.

Guided by this, employees are motivated to strive and develop creative ideas that they will be excited to share with everyone. Everybody’s ideas are important at Honda, regardless of whether it is your first day at work or if you’re part of management. This is partly due to the practice of equality at all levels in Honda – which is evident in everyone wearing the same uniform and the open office concept in all offices so that there are no barriers but just colleagues who are passionate about the brand.

#5 Good working experience with employees in mind There will be no Honda without its people; hence why the company is focused on providing good employee experience via various employee engagement programmes. When you work in Honda, you’ll enjoy the flexible working hours with no overtime every Friday as well as the flexibility to work from home. Your hard work does not go unnoticed; employees are rewarded with long-service awards and their merits. Working life is not just about work, work and work only too. There are several initiatives in place to give back to the communities such as blood donations and various CSR programmes, as well as sports and recreational activities to help create camaraderie within the Honda family.

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