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At KPMG, learning opportunities are robust, with its people gifted with multiple avenues to tap into. Omar Naeem, Head of Branding, Culture and Special Projects, KPMG in Malaysia, shares what the organisation does to foster a sense of community within and beyond.

How is the work-life balance at KPMG?

At KPMG, deep insights paired with market research have allowed us to identify these trends and progressively shape a winning culture: A collaborative, flexible and balanced infused culture that transcends traditional practices. At KPMG, work-life balance is yours to define. Our people have always taken centre stage and are the heart of our business. The firm has evolved so rapidly to becoming people-centric through allowing complete flexibility and pioneering innovative interventions.

What does KPMG do to ensure the welfare of its employees is taken care of?

1. Mental Well-being

KPMG is committed to supporting its people experiencing mental health problems.

Topping the list of our well-being initiatives is our annual Golden Week initiative which KPMG pioneered back in 2015. KPMG was the first ever professional services firm to offer its people an entire paid week off which is not deducted from their annual leave entitlement. This year, KPMGians will enjoy 12th to 16th September with their toes in the sand.

There’s more where that came from! To supplement a whole week off, the firm also provides a three-day MC free leave per year which was introduced to allow staff to recover from minor ailments that are often self managed with over-the-counter medications. Three days without the need to visit a GP, how cool is that?

On top of that, the firm introduced the KPMG Buddy Circle aimed at promoting mental health advocacy by establishing a group of Mental Health First aiders who are certified by the Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA). Through this programme, we allow KPMGians the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge surrounding mental health and ways to better support peers in need.

Additionally, KPMGians have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides our people free consultation with mental health practitioners. To ease employees through the process, the consultation, based on preference, can either be physical or virtual. The People, Performance and Culture department also works closely with mental health clinics and clinical professionals to organise internal health talks.

2. Physical Well-being

Now we enter the fitness arena! KPMG undoubtedly stands out when it comes to introducing initiatives to keep our workforce active and engaged.

You may have already seen from our social channels that our fitness activities commence all year round. Now better than ever, our monthly Yoga and Body Combat classes with national icons are performed in house! The classes are set to be progressive, allowing KPMGians to master the art of Yoga and Body Combat whilst encouraging them to lead an active lifestyle.

To complement our monthly fitness activities, the KPMG Sports and Recreational Club brings to life a variety of sporting activities which are targeted not only to skilled players but also beginners. These activities range from futsal, badminton, table tennis, golf, bowling, carrom to even e-games like Dota! The best part about the club which was recently revamped is that KPMGians get to enjoy leisure badminton and futsal every weekend, for free.

Of course, KPMG wouldn’t go without partnering up with gyms to allow our people the opportunity to fix their gym memberships at discounted prices. KPMGians enjoy discounts at Celebrity Fitness, Fitness First and Chi Fitness. P.S. Celebrity Fitness 1 Utama is a stone throw away from the KPMG tower!

How does the organisation promote growth to fresh graduates?

KPMG Malaysia harbours some of the smartest and brightest fresh graduates, from both local and international universities. However, our unflinching commitment towards developing the nation’s young talent begins well ahead of graduation. We have conducted over 1,000 future-proofing workshops, subject-matter webinars and sharing sessions with KPMG professionals including partners themselves - all of which were targeted to university students across Malaysia. On top of this, the KPMG Education Trust Fund as a key driver in uplifting the nation’s young talent was established to recognise, reward and sponsor students in primary school all the way up to university.

So back to when they step foot into the firm! Firstly, KPMG provides graduates with sponsorship for professional examinations - ICAEW, CIMA, ACCA, MICPA and CITM. Take your pick because they’re all covered! Every KPMGian also gets to enjoy unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning and all its training modules. This way, we learn anywhere and anytime, be it in the LRT on the way to work or at home!

Next, KPMG rolled out the KPMG Citizen Developer Program to champion continuous learning within our workforce. With this programme in place, KPMGians are empowered to learn new skills and acquire technical knowledge on SharePoint, Power Automate and Power Apps, among others.

Share with us activities or programmes KPMG provides to create a sense of community.

The value of ‘Together’ has always been ingrained in our culture and day-to-day operations. It remains, till today, a guiding principle for each and every KPMGian.

To kick things off, we have the KPMG Networking Groups which were established by the Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (IDE) team. These groups serve as a channel for all KPMGians with similar interests to network, engage and connect with colleagues from various departments and backgrounds. To date, the firm records six active Networking Groups including Cycling Club, Pegasus Motorbike Club, KPMG Lean In Circle, KPMG Toastmasters Club, KPMG Book Club and KPMG Art Club. Other interesting initiatives stemming from our IDE commitments are KPMG Cultural Lunch and Festive Celebrations, all of which are meant to bring KPMGians together.

Aside from that, being a firm that places high importance on giving back to the communities and the environment as a whole, we see firm-wide CSR activities as leverage to enforce camaraderie among KPMGians. We have also just recently established a group of dedicated volunteers now known as Impact Force to organise, champion and drive firm-wide CSR activities. Team-building activities when done together, for the greater good of society, without a doubt creates a bond like no other. This year, we have organised activities in support of PERTIWI, Zoo Negara, Malaysia Nature Society, Kechara, Reef Check, SEATRU and more!

Viewing togetherness through the lens of sports, the year-round activities enable KPMGians to build better relationships with colleagues, leaders and even our KPMG ambassadors. All this over a game of badminton, futsal or even Dota! Last but never the least, going the extra mile, KPMG recently rolled out the “We Treat, You Eat” days when breakfast is on the house. A hearty meal without burning a hole in your pocket, what else could anyone ask for!

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