Should You Work For Passion or Money?

By Charisma Rossilia

Which is more important: A job you love or one that pays?

This is a dilemma everyone has at some point in their life. It’s especially common for fresh grads when choosing which company to apply for as their first job: Go with passion but little prospect of making money or choose a career you don't particularly enjoy but pays you well and has great potential for your future.

We posed this question to two young talent and here’s what they have to say:

“I choose passion over money. Why? Work doesn’t feel like a burden when you’re doing things you love and are passionate about. Money can be found but you will never fulfil what your heart desires. We will spend the majority of our lives working, so we might as well do something we enjoy.” – Raidi

“A part of me wants to choose passion but reality forces me to choose money. Being the eldest in the family, there is always a need to provide. I want the best for my parents and siblings. Hence, doing what I love comes second. I’ve trained myself to love what I’m currently doing and create a new passion out of it. It’s not impossible but definitely not easy. Life is a rollercoaster, but I’m sure there’s something big for me in the near future.” – Maira

Hmm.. two different answers but both make complete sense. We are going to break down the benefits of both.

Benefits of pursuing a job you love

#1 Career development
You will find it easier to advance in your career when you’re doing things that motivate you. You'll be seeking new and innovative methods to execute your job, as well as noticing details you wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't poured your heart and soul into it.

#2 Better productivity
Doing something you’re passionate about definitely leads to better productivity. Your desire to succeed and achieve your goals grow bigger and bigger. You will take pride in the outcome of your work and that will push you to keep going and live your dream.

#3 A healthier you
Oooh, work burnout. That’s super common these days but with a career you enjoy, this most likely won’t happen. Time spent pursuing our passion reduces stress and increases happiness. Even better, your work can sometimes be your “escape plan” when life starts to get a little bit haywire.

Benefits of choosing a high-paying job

#1 Sense of security
With a high-paying salary, we will feel more at ease. No one wants to live a life surrounded with debts. It's critical to keep your work out of financial danger, especially if you have a family or other important responsibilities.

#2 More money for you (duh..)
Stating the obvious, you will have financial freedom. Nowadays, most of our problems revolve around money. Having a high-paying salary has an impact on our mental and physical wellbeing too. Money somehow leads to happiness. Do you agree with this?

#3 Be a role model
People will look up to you. They see you as a successful person. We often link a large salary with success, and everyone admires and respects successful people.

At the end of the day, it is your choice to choose which one will make you happy and content. So what would you choose? Let us know @Graduan on Twitter!

Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash

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