By Ahmed Wafi

You don’t need to spend RM200 on a shirt.

Great-looking clothes will make all the difference on whether you look presentable or shabby at work. But if you’re just starting out in your career, you don’t necessarily have a huge budget to spend on clothes. That said, you don’t need to have a huge budget to look your best. Our advice? Take these fashion cues on how to dress smart, spend less and still impress.

MAKE IT FIT: The most important thing about the clothes you wear – make sure it is the right fit. Too baggy and you look unkempt; too tight and you look like you’re busting out of your shirt! What you need is a shirt that’s the right size that makes you look neat and presentable as well as feel comfortable all day.
PRO TIP: Got one too many baggy clothes? Take them to the tailor to get fitted for the right size.

GET THRIFTY! Having recently boomed in popularity, thrift shops are popping up all around town, selling quality branded clothes for cheap. Some to check out include Vintage Clothing Family Bundle in Ampang or Sasuke Outlets. Who knew you could get a pair of work slacks for RM20? The downside? You might not find the right size and it’s limited stock.
PRO TIP: A slightly more expensive alternative would be going to outlet stores, which will still save you loads.

FESTIVE SALES: Everyone loves the four-letter word – SALE. This is the best time to go shopping for great deals. Or check out the clearance racks in your favourite store; you never know what gem you might find!

SHOP ONLINE: The wonders of the internet lets you get just about anything for prices you can’t refuse. Sites to check out include Shoppee and Zalora – you get great vouchers and amazing flash sales!

GET THE GOOD BASICS: Forget trends. If you want your work attire to impress, make sure to stock up on great basics like slacks, a blazer, a crisp, well-fitted shirt and dress shoes. These are timeless and actually worth spending a bit more money on as they make all the difference in your office style.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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