From Accelerator to Accelerated

By Ahmed Wafi

One of Maybank’s latest young talent initiatives will put you through a journey of self-discovery, identifying your strongest points and your weakest links in a holistic three-week programme!

Like many fresh graduates, the first few months after completing your studies will most likely be spent searching for career opportunities or learning more about yourself, asking questions like “What do I like doing?’, “What do I want to do?”, or “Where do I want to be in the next five years?”.

For Political Science graduate Ungku Ashman Dany, things were no different. While on the lookout for the perfect place to start his career, Dany’s mother recommended looking into a possible career opportunity at Maybank as the bank is known for its many young talent development programmes, such as the Global Maybank Apprentice Programme (GMAP) and the Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge (MGAC).

“I proceeded to conduct my research on Maybank and came across a post about the Maybank Accelerator Programme on its @myroaringcareers Instagram page. That caught my attention and I signed up for it without hesitation. The confirmation email reached my inbox on the same day!” Dany recalled, on what would be his big break into joining an organisation that is on Malaysia’s Most Preferred Employer list.

Throughout the two weeks in the Maybank Accelerator programme, Accelerators like Dany undertook engagement sessions with seasoned Maybankers every alternate day, with each session increasing in difficulty. The activities in each engagement session were tailored to highlight personal development and help Accelerators understand themselves better.

Dany recalled one of the sessions where he had to study the Six Thinking Hats and discover which hat he found himself wearing most of the time. This also encouraged him to look at things from different angles when approached with different issues.

As the majority of the activities were held in groups, each session would see Accelerators shuffled into different groups, helping them widen their horizons, be exposed to different characters, and ultimately expand their network.

“The best part of the programme was the opportunity to put myself to the test and being able to recognise my potential, flaws and strong points while simultaneously increasing my network,” Dany exclaimed.

Dany (bottom row, second from the left) and fellow Accelerators at the exclusive Expert Exchange session with Datuk Nora Manaf, Maybank’s Group Chief Human Capital Officer.

Throughout the programme, Dany’s enthusiasm and interest were something that caught the eye of recruiters, leading to him being shortlisted into the Global Maybank Apprenticed Programme (GMAP) selection process. He ultimately made the mark and was offered a place in Maybank’s renowned management trainee programme. Thus, upon completion of the programme, Dany underwent onboarding and is now a Maybank Global Apprentice, doing his rotation with the Talent Attraction and Workplace Futurisation team under Group Human Capital at the Bank.

We spoke to Maybank recruiters on their decision to select Dany and here’s what they had to say:

“Dany was very eager and projected a lively energy while displaying a level-headed sense of confidence. In group settings, Dany showed that he was able to make others feel comfortable around him and when it came to presentations, Dany did not struggle and was able to capture and retain attention and deliver his points across effectively.”

If there’s anything to take from that, young talents should never underestimate the power of their soft skills and a good display of this could land you the job you’re looking for!

Six months into being a Maybanker, Dany expressed his deep gratitude in being given such an opportunity to prove himself, experience different working environments, meet new people, and fast-track his career. He even gave us an insight into a new project his team is currently working on, one that is giving fresh graduates like he once was, an opportunity to discover themselves and accelerate their career path!

“It is exciting to be a Global Maybank Apprentice because of all the new things I am exposed to and able to learn through a corporate lens. In fact, I am currently working with my fellow Global Maybank Apprentices on designing a new Accelerator-like programme for fresh graduates and university students out there. We have designed it to be bigger, better and bolder!,” Dany promises.

Despite not coming from a finance or business-related background, the Political Science graduate has managed to use his knowledge to his advantage, especially soft skills such as critical thinking and communication, which he managed to polish during his studies.

“Having to work with others in groups during university allowed me to adjust well to working with others in the workplace. The consistent assessments and assignments I experienced during my undergraduate times had really developed my mental endurance in facing a multitude of tasks which also translates to dealing with tasks at work more effectively,” he said.

As his career takes off, Dany hopes to further grow as a Maybanker and find his footing in a permanent department within the bank. He also hopes to continue contributing to the organisation, establishing himself as a seasoned Maybanker.

His tips to fresh graduates? “Be proactive in your life, in every aspect. Do not be too comfortable or become a creature of habit. Recognise that the biggest hustle in life is the hustle towards self-development to become the best version of yourself.”

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