Feeling Stressed? Try Art Therapy!

By Siew Ching

Paint, tuft, create your way to a stress-free you!

Whether it is a busy week at work or an eventful month with the family, stress is nothing new to many of us. How we destress can be in many forms. One way that’s often used is by being creative through art. Notice how when you doodle, you immediately feel more relaxed or when you are colouring, the process of it instantly brings you calmness.

It’s why studies after studies have shown that art therapy in general can minimise feelings of anxiety and combat negative moods. Some studies note that people who colour or draw for 20 minutes immediately feel relief and if they continue with this, they are better at controlling their stress compared to peers who don’t engage with art.

Here are other ways art therapy works:

  • Engaging in art can promote mindfulness, which can help reduce stress level. It makes you focused on the present, promotes positive emotions, and decreases cortisol levels (a hormone related to stress).
  • It distracts from the problem and worries at hand. Engaging in a creative task can help shift the focus from negative thoughts, bringing you feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction to fuel your creative soul.
  • It’s a great way to express your feelings and release whatever tension you’re feeling. Art is an outlet for emotions that may be difficult to express in words – perhaps all that bread kneading is a way for you to release pent-up frustration?
  • It lets you connect with others. Going to the theatre, participating in dance class, or checking into a baking class lets you meet other likeminded individuals and promote a form of community that is completely isolated from work – a great way to unleash stress with new friends!

And it’s not limited to what we may associate the word art with! Art therapy can be anything that involves some imagination and a lot of creativity. It can be singing, sewing, playing music, dancing and even cooking – basically, an activity that lets you explore your creative side.

Thinking of trying out art therapy for yourself? Here are some typical art classes we found you can sign up for if you’re in Klang Valley!

ARTtherapy Looking for a place to try out different art forms? ARTtherapy is the place to be! With studios throughout Klang Valley, you can sign up for different activities, from painting to sculpting to discover your inner artist while taking your mind off your many stresses. Classes are led by a group of artists and certified therapists who are enthusiastic to share their passion for arts and the many benefits it brings. You can also opt for online classes.

Check out their IG @arttherapykl

Tuft Space It’s all the rage now! At Tuft Space, you’ll get to experience traditional rug making, customising your design to bring home and be proud of. At its workshops, you’ll learn to use the tufting gun to create your masterpiece, frame it up, and bring it home. It’s a great way to learn something new and see what you can come up with. Make it a date with some colleagues after a long project to unleash all that stress while having a good time.

Check out the various workshop types at its website or explore its IG @tuftspace.my

Beary Potter Studio Thinking of making your own clay art? Check out this pottery studio. With a wide range of classes starting from entry level to advanced level and various workshops to choose from, find calmness and joy in making your own pottery. The entire process from turning clay into an aspiring work is a fab outlet to achieve mindfulness and find peace within. If anything, you get to go home with an art piece that can be the topic of all conversations!

Check the IG out @bearypotter_studio

Barista Experience Academy Coffee helps you get through a long day? Why not learn more about it! While not your traditional art form, learning about latte art and how to make the perfect cuppa at home is a great way to learn a new skill – and a new stress reliever where you get to enjoy your favourite drink at the end of it. Check out the Latte Art Workshop for Beginners, a two-hour long class you can easily slot in over the weekend.

Head over to IG @baristaexperienceacademy for a sneak preview of the classes!

Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash.

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