My Maxis Internship Experience

By Mel Sim

What does interning for Maxis really feel like? Two interns spill the beans.

Wendy Khoo Wen Liq is a final-year student majoring in Actuarial Science. She aspires to build a career in data science or data analytics.

What was the application process like?
Overall, it was smooth and fast. I submitted my application online via the Maxis career portal. I was contacted for an interview not too long after I applied. I had a pleasant meeting with the Young Talent advisor who took the time to explain the role and tell me more about the company.

How was your Maxis Internship experience and how did it compare to your expectations?
It was fulfilling, fun, and exciting! I spent a total of 15 weeks with the Enterprise Pricing team, working on pricing analytics and pricing tools. I gained a lot of new knowledge including learning about the operations of a company and how automation works in a company.

Before joining, I thought I would be spending most of my time supporting and aiding my colleagues with their tasks. It was far from what I had expected. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself leading a project developing pricing tools for colleagues from other departments to use daily. I appreciate the freedom and responsibility given to me to complete different tasks. It gave me the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills to real-life tasks. It was satisfying to see the result of my work.

In your opinion, what makes the Maxis Internship programme unique and why should students apply for it?
The modern and energetic culture makes it easy for students to fit in. The people are collaborative and work effectively as a team. Aside from that, the exposure from my work experience has given clarity on my future career direction.

Not forgetting, the dress code is casual!

Can you share some tips for future Maxis interns?
Be yourself, be engaging, and have fun!

Teng Li Xin is currently pursuing her BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering. She aspires to one day own an IT solution firm.

How did you first find out about the internship?
I heard about the internship opportunity through a Data Science talk at my university. I applied through the Maxis career portal.

Can you tell us more about the programme? What an exciting experience?
The internship duration is five months during which, I was allowed to participate in various yearly events organised by Maxis to promote togetherness among co-workers. I also had the chance to go on field trips, led by my supervisor to explore systems and to understand its application better. We were able to get a hands-on experience on the system at the Maxis virtual store at The Gardens Mid Valley.

How was your Maxis Internship experience and how did it compare to your expectations?
When I became an intern, I was expecting to be assigned to a big group of other interns and we would be expected to work in a team to get things done like what other companies are doing. Instead, I was tasked with a project and asked to venture into new opportunities and then later joined other interns to learn and explore together. My most memorable experience was when I joined Culture Day and Unmatched Personalised Experience (UPE) Day.

During Culture Day, I got to meet the Maxis CEO who talked to us about the ‘MaxisWay’, which is the Maxis culture. I also got to meet new people who gave me a view of things that existed beyond my division. Meanwhile, UPE is a day dedicated to engage and interact with customers in retail and contact centres. Through it, I learned how a contact centre works and how front-liners deal with customers. In the Retail Centre, I learned how a retail centre works and how to deal with customers face to face. I never thought an intern would experience such interesting events!

What did you get out of the internship?
There are always new things to learn and complete that will be useful in my career. The in-house training on different programming languages allowed me to get my job done in a quick and precise manner. The emphasis on career growth was one of the things that excited me most about this internship. The best learning experience was having a senior who helped me through my internship period when I encountered difficulties in work. He always encouraged me to gain opportunities to learn and explore more.

Tips for future interns?
Always be prepared to learn new things, keep your goals in mind, and don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone.

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