“I Need a Holiday!”

By Mel Sim

But still want to keep it domestic? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Plus, we sneaked in a few international travel tips for those who dare.

In case you haven’t heard (come on, we’sure you have!) but domestic travel is on! Though with a few rules in place, the most important one being that only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to cross state and cuti-cuti Malaysia.

That’s the highlight of 2021! Here’s another one: You can also travel overseas! With VTL now being implemented (since late Nov), you can hop on the plane or bus to travel to the Lion City for all your favourite activities in Singapore (Christmas lights on Orchard Road, anyone?). Other countries are relaxing their restrictions too so hey, finally vacay abroad?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start globetrotting simply for the fact that the virus is still out there and uhm, omicron? Still doesn’t mean that we can’t finally have that break we all deserve, especially after the year that we all had that is 2021!

So here we go – the cool places you can – and should! – visit in our very own Malaysia.

#1 Langkawi
One of the first places to open up for tourism, the island was the travel bubble for the country with hotels welcoming Malaysians with open arms to chill, sand and beach! If you’re dying for some R&& and quiet, head over here. The good news is that first wave of tourists have somewhat died down so it’s not as if anyone and everyone is on the island. With its gorgeous beaches and beautiful natural surroundings, Langkawi is definitely a gem in our very own country. The only bad news? Seems like the entire island is out of duty-free chocolate. But who needs chocolate when you have paradise?

#2 Desaru, Johor Bahru
Did you know that right here in our country there are so many beautiful beaches waiting for you to explore? Case in point: Desaru! More specifically Desaru Coast that is now home to many luxurious hotels like The Westin, One & Only Desaru Coast, and The Hard Rock Hotel with private beaches and warm golden shores. Plus, Johor Bahru is just a 90-minute drive away so you can easily take a drive to the city for some really good Johorean feast before heading back to your slice of paradise.

#3 Kuala Selangor
Sometimes you don’t have to go far to experience… especially if you’re living in Selangor where you’re within close proximity to many cool destinations. Like Kuala Selangor! Just an hour away drive from KL, this idyllic town is the ideal place to escape to enjoy a relaxed and hassle-free time. You can just do a day trip or make it an overnighter with a stay in some of the hip homestays and unique hotels that are popping up in the area. Things to do include going for a nature walk through Kuala Selangor Nature Park and having a seafood dinner, as well as the must-visit Sasaran Sky Mirror for your most interesting holiday pics yet!

#4 Cameron Highlands
Tired of the beach and the city? It’s to the highlands we go in Cameron Highlands! Popular things to do here are picking strawberries and taking shots at the rolling tea plantations, and you definitely cannot leave without going to the mysterious and strangely beautiful Mossy Forest. Tucked in Gunung Brinchang, this hidden gem is actually on the list of Lonely Planet’s Most Instagrammable Forests in the World… and it’s right here in our country!

#5 One for those who really want to get out of Malaysia: London
That’s right – the British capital is open to travellers from most countries and end of the year is the perfect time to visit for all its Christmas vibe and perfect chilly weather. Just remember that if you’re planning a trip to the UK, there are a few things you will need to do even if you are fully vaccinated. But requirements change so often (just like SOPs in Malaysia) so make sure you check here for the latest requirements before you travel.

And that’s it – some of the places to satisfy your wanderlust! It’s really just a preview of where you can visit and with the government saying yes to international travels, the world really is your oyster. Just make sure you continue to mask up and keep your hygiene regardless of where you are. And make sure you keep up to date on travelling requirements before you book your ticket!

Bon voyage!

Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash

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