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Posted on 2022-05-02 03:00:00

At Prudential, employees are valued and celebrated as the real heroes behind the organisation’s success. Here’s how you too can be part of the league and what to expect from the organisation to help your career soar to greater heights.

It’s always been said that employees are what truly make an organisation. They are after all the heart and soul of the company; the very essence of its success. At Prudential, employees have a special title: PRUHeroes. Simply because they show extraordinary initiative and commitment living up to the organisation’s purpose and values that have over the years steered Prudential towards success.

The company’s values are what shape how its employees conduct themselves. It’s no brainer, really, because these values are fundamentally human characteristics and therefore are things that need not be told over and over again to its employees. It’s just a matter of basic human principles that should come naturally but make all the difference to a company.

The five values are:

  • Ambitious where one will always find a way to thrive and do better
  • Curious to always listen and seek to learn to gain more knowledge
  • Empathetic towards others by showing thoughtfulness and being understanding
  • Courageous to stand for what is right and to be accountable
  • Nimble to adapt and be agile to think quickly on one’s feet

A fun fact: To make these PRUHeroes values more relatable, Prudential actually assigned a superhero character to each value, an indicator of the creativity and exciting work culture you can expect here!

Speaking of exciting culture, the organisation always makes sure its PRUHeroes receive the best in support for the commitment they present. One can expect a hybrid working concept at Prudential, a sign of the organisation understanding that work is no longer the same and therefore needs to adapt to better suit the requirements of its employees to have a better work-life balance and a safer and more conducive method of working. Employees can work from home or remotely from an agreed location to help them prioritise their wellbeing while enabling sustainable high performance. But if you do decide to come into the office, you can expect best-in-class facilities and a contemporary design office at Menara Prudential furnished with agile and collaborative workspaces. Here’s an office tour video to ooh and ahh!

Of course, it’s not just aesthetics at Prudential. With a commitment to empower its employees, Prudential is all for helping you gain new knowledge and skills while with the company. Its e-learning platform with over 13,000 online courses are available to all employees to partake at their own convenience while short-term projects are also designed for employees to curate and take charge of to further development themselves. All these learning opportunities lean towards future-ready skills so employees are equipped to meet the future demands of the insurance industry.

It’s not just work and learn; employees are also encouraged to “play”! After all, finding that perfect balance is what will enable employees to be high-performing individuals and Prudential offers a range of activities and benefits to ensure this. Initiatives like Wellbeing Day, Employee Assistance Programme, Sports & Recreational Club, PruCommunities, PRUVolunteers and plenty more provide the opportunity for employees to explore other opportunities and exposure aside from work to better themselves in all aspect.

To ensure it properly provides its people with what they seek for a better work-life balance, Prudential arranges for its Annual People Survey where employees provide feedback and more importantly, management listens to so they can action upon what is necessary to cultivate a positive, memorable working experience. Now that’s what we call a win-win situation!

Want to be part of all this awesomeness? Read more about the company here and follow them on social media for career updates.

By Mel Sim

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