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Here Are The Best Companies To Work For In Malaysia

Posted on 2018-09-03 03:25:00

As picked by you!

Every year, thousands of talent make their way to our GRADUAN® ASPIRE Career & Postgraduate Fair where they not only got to visit booths after booths from different companies to learn about career opportunities but also network with the who’s who at exclusive forums held during the event.

One other important thing that happens during this fair is the GRADUAN® Brand Awards Survey. What is it? Essentially, it is a survey conducted with all fair visitors to find out which companies they view as the top places to work as well as what their thoughts are about working in Malaysia.

The survey results are important for several reasons – the most important? First, you get to know where other talent like yourself are aspiring to work at, and second, companies in Malaysia learn what its future employees think about them and therefore will adapt to be more attractive and work-ready. In order words, your input contributes towards companies making themselves appealing and favourable for the new generation of talent!

Let’s get right down to the important stuff. Here’s what we found out from last year’s survey.

15,323 of you took part in our survey Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Here are the six organisations our survey respondents aspired to work at in order of popularity
#1 Maybank
#2 Petronas
#3 Sime Darby
#5 Gamuda
#6 Nestlé

The top three industries that are popular with talent?
#1 Banking and Finance
#2 Energy
#3 Conglomerate

From these popular industries, here are the companies you wanted to work at in order of preference
Banking and Finance
#1 Maybank
#3 Bank Rakyat
#4 Bank Islam
#5 EPF

#1 Petronas
#2 Sapura Energy
#3 Shell
#4 Schlumberger
#5 ExxonMobil

#1 Sime Darby
#2 UEM
#3 Sunway
#4 UMW
#5 GE

We also asked you to share how you pick which company you want to work for. You said...

o Scope of work is the key reason why you would pick a company followed by its company culture and location of the office

o The average number of years you’d work for a company? Three to five years

o Many of you also said that knowing where you’re headed in your career in a company will encourage you to stay longer while passion for the job and monetary benefits come in second and third

o The place you’d most likely search for a job is at career fairs – like GRADUAN® ASPIRE!

Want to read more from the survey? The entire survey is up on our website here https://graduan.com/publication/9 .

By Mel Sim

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