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Helping You Get The Most Out of Life

Posted on 2020-10-13 09:00:00

At Prudential, your path to the top is set within a nurturing and encouraging environment advocated by its culture where opportunities to grow are abundant for its people.

A place for you to discover your best
Prudential values its people and we believe in creating an environment rich with opportunities and growth. Our culture is one where we build an environment for our people to connect, grow and succeed.

  • To connect, we ensure a diverse, inclusive and flexible environment where ideas are welcome, contributions valued, and our people are encouraged to bring their true selves to work.

  • To allow growth and development, we provide the time, support and feedback when needed and encourage all our people to challenge themselves, take good care of themselves as well as learn new skills.

  • To succeed, our people are empowered to fulfil their potential in a purpose-led culture that creates opportunities for high-performing individuals to develop and progress.

The Prudential values help our people focus on the very things that will make them successful, values like being Ambitious, Curious, Empathetic, Courageous and Nimble. Here’s what they each mean to the organisation:

Our business is competitive. We push ourselves and each other to greatness, but not at all costs. Being a good sport and doing the right thing comes first.

The world is changing faster than ever. No one has all the answers. We are humble and always listen and seek to learn and understand.

There’s an age-old wisdom in walking a mile in another’s shoes. We do that every day, whether it’s with our customers or colleagues.

Prudential’s success and culture belong to all of us – it’s our legacy. We build it together, do the right thing, and speak to power when necessary.

Being agile and adaptive is trending. We approach our work iteratively, with carefully designed experiments that help us fail fast and fail forward.

Ultimately, it is to arrive to our Purpose: To help people get the most out of life. To do this, we hold fast to our Principles: We embrace a growth mindset; we act with integrity; we invest in all our communities; we listen to customers and we take the long view.

The right attitude with the right goals in mind
To move up the ladder in Prudential, the individual should have strong goals and be able to communicate clearly about where they see themselves and what they would like to achieve. We seek talent who are team players and focused on the greater good. They should also be proactive with a willing mindset to take up bigger responsibilities. Other qualities we look for include being able to embrace change as well as agility and innovativeness in coming up with future-ready solutions. Exceeding expectations, the talent also put customers’ needs at the centre of everything that they do.

Is it more important to work hard or work smart? At Prudential, both are valuable traits to possess and will help the individual and organisation strive towards our goals. We also value traits that are unique to every individual as they complement the hard work and smarts that are necessary to achieve a superior outcome and accomplish our shared goals.

By Mel Sim

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