Having trouble being productive when you #WFH?

By Ahmed Wafi

Why work when your bed is calling your name on a cold Monday morning…

If there’s one thing from 2020 that we’ll be happy to carry forward to the years ahead, it’s working from home. A recent study by KPMG Malaysia found that over two thirds of employees prefer to WFH even post MCO.

But something everyone struggles with is productivity when working on the same table you have dinner on! Despite being part of the WFH revolution for almost an entire year, many of us still struggle to reach optimum productivity.

Is this you? If so, here are some tips to increase productivity while you WFH (no, we’re not going to ask you to dress in work clothes at home).

Take a nap
Now, you might be thinking “I can’t take naps during work hours!” and you’re right, you can’t take naps during work hours! But what you can do is take a controlled 20 to 30 minute power nap when you’re feeling burned out… like a reboot button for your brain. After all, WFH burnout can really bite you in the bottom like we previously discussed.

Adjust the volume
To your own fancy that is. Some people find a quiet room hard to work in and would rather mimic the passive noise of an office or have some music in the background. Make the ambience of your room as conducive as possible to get your brain sharp and focused!

Stay connected
It’s hard to work with your teammates if you don’t interact with them very much. And unfortunately, working remotely has decreased team interaction tenfold. Good thing we’re living in 2021 where we have instant messaging and video calls at the tip of our fingers! Make it a point to check in with your team every day just to be in the know, update each individual’s progress, and find out how you can help each other.

Set achievable KPIs
Just like you would when you work in the office, have a list of items you aim to achieve by the end of the day and work towards them. Make sure it’s something achievable and work your way higher up. If you run into a task that’s really taking a toll on your noggin, remember when in doubt, nap it out!

Photo by Steve Ding on Unsplash

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