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Get Over Wednesday Hump Day On A High Note!

Posted on 2021-12-08 05:00:00

Here’s how to go over that midweek slump to end the week on a high.

It’s Wednesday so Happy Hump Day!

Wait, what is Hump Day? Well, think of your week as a long road from Monday that leads to Friday. Right in the middle is a hump – Wednesday. For some reason, Wednesdays feel like the world’s biggest hurdle to get over during the week. You’re almost there…but not quite. You’re almost done…but not really. Monday and Tuesday were tough and all that has carried forward into Wednesday.

You get the idea. The good news is getting over that hump can take some time but once you’re over it, it’s clear and easy all the way.

How do you get over Hump Day? Here are five tips.

#1 Do something other than work
Now, how is that productive, especially when you have some much going on at work? Well, look at it as a long-term solution because sometimes taking your mind off work even for an hour is just what you need to recharge and conquer the rest of the workdays. It can be something simple – like watch a doco on Netflix or maybe even bake a cake. And it should be something you do weekly so you have something to look forward to. That way, Wednesdays won’t be as dreaded.

#2 Don’t think too much about the slump!
The more attention you give something, the more glaring it becomes right? The more you dread mid-week work, the more it becomes something you absolutely don’t want to face. The tip is easy: Don’t spend your entire energy focusing on how much work you have to do or how long it takes for Friday to come. Instead, channel that energy to things that bring you joy like what you are going to do over the weekend and how much work you’re going to get done so you can thoroughly enjoy your weekend off.

The thing is to stay in the moment – focus on what work you need to do and stay present instead of moan and groan, and procrastinate on getting things done because you’re not feeling it.

#3 Make it List Day!
Who doesn’t love lists! Especially when it is what will get you organized and focused to get work done. Make every Wednesday List Day where you list down the things you need to complete for the rest of the work week. This not only gives you motivation but also a clear list on what you need to complete so that you end the week on a high! Don’t try to cram everything in on that list – be realistic about what you can and should complete. Pace yourself. It’s a marathon to Friday, not a 100m dash!

#4 Do a quick clean
A messy desk makes it hard to focus and the aftermath that is Monday and Tuesday can make your desk look a little disorganised. First thing on Wednesday – tidy up! Organise things around your table, delete emails that are no longer needed, clear your computer tabs… whatever it takes to help you refocus on the week ahead. Trust us, it’ll make you feel much better and motivated afterwards because a clear desk is a clear mind.

#5 Give yourself a treat
Maybe some comfort food waiting for you at the end of day? Or meeting up with some friends for a quick catch up? Whatever your remedy, a treat to look forward to after Hump Day could just be what you need to help get through the rest of the work week still feeling energized and inspired. It could also be as simple as a good night’s sleep!

How do you get over the hump? Tweet us at @Graduan.

Photo by Niall on iStock.

By Mel Sim

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