Flexible Learning Opportunity to Develop Advanced Management Skills with a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management at IMU

By Ooi Su Yin

Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management

Today’s healthcare industry is facing many challenges. The patients, families and communities are expressing stronger demands for better care. On the provider side, there is a longer list of issues around cost and cost containment; new treatment modalities and technologies, the emergence of digital industry in healthcare; changing disease pattern with emergence of new and re-emergence of diseases; changing demographic profile with a growing aging population, these amongst many others, to list a few.

With this in mind, the International Medical University (IMU) aims to provide training that equips managers with the relevant competencies for directing and managing the different facets of these challenges that confront professionals who will be leading the international/regional/local private and public health and health-related organisations. This programme, a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management, will encourage students to think outside the box, further developing their management and leadership skills. With this qualification, students will be equipped with discovering business strategies, strategic marketing, corporate reputation and more through workshops, peer group and experiential learning and online activities.

While there are many general MBAs offered, the program offered by IMU is with Healthcare specialisation which will make the graduates of this qualification stand out for employment. They have the dual opportunity of not only getting into the wider business and management job market but additionally an advantage into the high demand market of healthcare industries.

Commenting on the programme, To’ Puan Dr Safurah bt Ja’afar, Associate Professor and Programme Director of the programme said, “The IMU Postgraduate Business in Healthcare Management Programme aims to equip managers with relevant skills for leading and managing the various facets and challenges that confront professionals, managers and those keen to manage the healthcare industry. Learners have the opportunity to gain firm understanding to critically assess health systems and healthcare structures, apply core principles of management in the healthcare setting and to operate within prevailing legal frameworks. The graduates will gain by further building their personal and professional competencies in their career to provide insights into best practices in managerial strategies and formulation of appropriate strategic solutions.”

This programme has a flexible curriculum designed to fit into the working adult lifestyle. Students can choose to complete the programme in 15 months as a full-time student and 2.5 years as a part-time student. This course uses a blended learning model which offers online study options that are more flexible for the professionals and those wishing career advancement working population. With a constellation of teaching and learning activities including lectures, tutorials, case studies, written assignments, group project, presentations and discussion boards, students be will equipped with a rounded understanding of the subject and the issues allowing them to formulate intervention strategies both in class simulation or actual industry base intervention.

Teaching and learning is delivered and supervised by highly qualified and experienced faculty members to give the rich experiences drawn from them. They will be complemented by industry experts to share their key to success.

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