Don't know what to cook for Iftar?

By Charisma Rossilia

Make Instagram and YouTube your source of inspiration!

It’s the time of the month where “I don’t know what to cook!!” is something we hear almost every day for 30 days – Ramadan. Sure, there are other options such as bazaars. Who doesn’t like bazaars, right? But let’s be real, nothing beats home-cooked meals. No queuing up, no crowds (hello, COVID), less money spent and 100% delicious.

Ramadan meal preps may be a little (very…) challenging but with planning, a few creative ideas and the help of food influencers, you can easily make amazing healthy and enjoyable Iftar meals throughout the Holy month!

Good thing Instagram is filled with local food influencers who shares various food recipes. Insta-life savers. Most of them have a series where they cook Iftar dishes for 30 days. To make your life even easier, here are our favourites.

#1 Khairulaming
Khairulaming is known for making viral food-related content on his social media. He is also the founder of “Sambal Nyet” that sells out in a blink of an eye every time it’s back in stock. This Ramadan, he’s back once again with his 30 days Iftar recipes. Even better, he’s not only sharing recipes for Iftar but has regular live sessions too! Check him out @khairulaming on IG.

#2 Dapoq Pdot
Dapoq Pdot was once a graphic designer but found his passion in cooking instead. With 412k followers on Instagram and 19.8k subscribers on YouTube, he shares his delicious recipes that are easy to recreate. Find his Iftar 2022 recipes at @dapoq_pdot on IG.

#3 Arianna.Kitchen
If you’re looking for simple and easy recipes, Arianna.Kitchen is the one to look at, especially if dessert is your thing! Not going to lie, everything looks very tempting and definitely worth the try! This year for Ramadan, they started a series with the hashtag #bukaapatuariannakitchen. Check them out at on IG.

#4 Azfar Heri
Azfar Heri started to build his presence on social media since 2020 (yes, the pandemic year..) by sharing simple recipes on his YouTube channel and bom!, the whole of Malaysia loves it. He’s almost at 1 million subscribers on YouTube! Impressive. His quirky and outgoing personality adds some spice to his video creations. If you’re looking for classic Malay dishes (and others too), you can definitely find one on his YouTube channel: Azfar Heri

#5 Che Nom
Che Nom is a name almost every Malaysian have heard of. She started her food journey, sharing recipes on her YouTube channel since 2012. She now has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Her recipes have probably saved many people’s time where she shares various type of recipes, from Asian to western. You name it, she has it. You can check out her delicious recipes at Che Nom on YouTube.

Have a great and blessed Ramadan!

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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