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Becoming the World’s Best Loved Brand

Posted on 2020-10-21 01:00:00

UNIQLO believes through changing clothes, we can change conventional wisdom and in turn, change the world.

UNIQLO is a brand of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese retail holding company with global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. UNIQLO has always been committed to not only serving their customers but are always willing and ready to lend a helping hand to society whenever the time comes. In fact, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. has been heavily involved in the fight against the global pandemic, having distributed over 10 million pieces of face masks to medical professionals in Japan and around the world.

In Malaysia alone, UNIQLO has distributed over 10,000 pieces of AIRism products to Malaysian frontline health workers spread across 12 government hospitals in the country to help make wearing protective equipment a pleasant experience.

Malaysia was also among the first countries to see the launching of the UNIQLO Clothing Corner, at a homeless center in Kuala Lumpur that provides clothing and shelter to the homeless, kindly donated by generous UNIQLO customers.

While its stores were closed to curb the spread of COVID-19, UNIQLO focused on its employees’ well-being and prepared for reopening. The aim was to ensure that it will be in tip-top condition for their customers when it resumed business. The Management redirected efforts to retrain customer-facing employees and reorganised its plans and strategies to meet the new norms of doing business. Employees’ well-being was a top priority; time was invested in ensuring the mental health of employees with weekly virtual catch-ups, setting up a health line support for counselling, and various virtual activities to keep employees engaged from home.

Moving forward, the company remains focused in its aim to be the Number One apparel brand in the world. It is one of the few that remained steadfast with its growth plans and purpose of contributing to society’s needs, and this can be seen in its newly launched product ‘AIRism Masks’ and the recent opening of future model stores in Japan; UNIQLO PARK Yokohama Bayside Store, UNIQLO Harajuku Store and UNIQLO TOKYO.

In Malaysia, it is seeing encouraging recovery in the demand for LifeWear and other products of UNIQLO. This has given the company the encouragement to continue with their local expansion as witnessed by recent re-openings of larger UNIQLO stores in Sunway Pyramid, Queensbay Mall, AEON Shah Alam and the brand-new store in AEON Bukit Tinggi. It is also strengthening the business with new product launches such as AIRism Bed Sheet, including a new kids’ size range and investing in its e-commerce business to provide a better customer experience.

Sounds like a company you would like to work for? You might want to check out its popular management trainee programme for young graduates, the UNIQLO Manager Candidate (UMC) Program.

Here’s all you need to know about it:

What’s in it for you?
The one-year UMC program provides you the opportunity to become a UNIQLO Store Manager, your first experience on the road to becoming a future business leader in UNIQLO. Exceptional managers will receive career opportunities to strengthen your business skills and leadership, be it through local and/or global appointments.

Who can apply?
The UMC program is open to fresh graduates and experienced applicants with less than two years of working experience. To stand out among the thousands of applicants, you need to have a minimum CGPA of 2.8 in your bachelor’s degree from a well-established university.

You will also gain our attention if you have demonstrated solid contribution to the society or your learning institutions such as outstanding achievements in completing a mission and taken up leadership roles or appointed as student representatives. During the interviews, we also seek candidates who meet our company’s values surrounding innovation, problem solving, respect, integrity, commitment, diversity and customers.

What can you gain as a UMC trainee?
The business needs ambitious graduates who are keen to take on the world with us, sharing the same dreams to be number one, unafraid of the demands of a retail career, thrilled by the changes in the retail landscape and eager to manage a business (a store) like your own. Exceptional talents will also earn opportunities to develop themselves in other core pillars of the business such as merchandise planning, corporate planning and e-commerce. These opportunities could be either a local exposure or you might be based in other countries UNIQLO operates in. The career steps offered are designed to make you a true business leader for UNIQLO, anywhere in the world.

How do you stand out to impress the recruiters?
Give your best in every step of the recruitment process. You will have multiple opportunities to meet with store managers, trainers and business leaders of UNIQLO (some of whom even started out their careers as UMC!). Use these opportunities wisely to present yourself – everyone contributes something special, and we want to value what makes you unique. Showcase your effort in preparing for the sessions and that you believe in the company’s mission. Demonstrate your genuine interest in the UNIQLO business, not just the title or the salary. At the final stage of the recruitment process, candidates with the right attitude and ambition to become a business leader will stand out.

To apply, check out UNIQLO’s employer page at GRADUAN ASPIRE or click here!

To keep up to date with the career opportunities in UNIQLO, check out their Instagram page @uniqlomalaysiacareers

By Mel Sim

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