By Mel Sim

The way to success is to continuously improve yourself through learning, says Teow Ai Ween, a Quality Engineer with Micron Malaysia. She shares a few secrets to her success.

“I graduated in 2020 and joined Micron Malaysia as a quality engineer. It’s been two years and I am still enjoying my journey here. The role is challenging but it has allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge. Throughout my time in Micron, I managed to accomplish personal milestones to further develop my career. I also successfully worked with other stakeholders to solve quality issue and work on containment actions to avoid escalation from the customer. I was involved in many investigations and improvement projects to improve the quality of product. As a 12D representative, I helped bring out the 12 Disciplines principles across our sites in Penang to improve awareness of our team members on the importance of 12 Disciplines.

Confidence and courage are necessary traits to succeed in any field. We need to be confident on what we are working on and we need to have courage to face every challenge we encounter. Then only will we be able to learn from the challenges and increase our knowledge.

I am appreciative of the support from my manager and mentor. Their guidance, training and mentoring were crucial in developing my experience and knowledge, enabling me to excel in my career growth. I hope to achieve my goals in the coming years and to keep improving myself throughout my career path.

My advice? Fight and challenge yourself in your own career path. When you make mistakes, learn and gain knowledge from them.”

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