5 things you need to do this Ramadhan

By Ahmed Wafi

Make the most of your fasting month!

The fasting month is here again which means shorter working hours, shorter sleeping hours, longer nights, and daily Ramadhan bazaars! For some, Ramadhan is a great opportunity to finally go on that diet... only for it to be undone when Hari Raya comes around. But essentially, it is a time to rekindle spiritual ties with the Creator and become a better person altogether.

Whether or not you’ll be observing this fasting month, we’ve made a list of the things you can do in the spirit of Ramadhan.

Donate to charity. For Muslims, it’s compulsory to donate a specified amount of money (not more than RM21) before the month ends but why stop there? Spare some change every week during Friday prayers or whenever you come across the homeless.

Eat differently. Since it’s fasting month, why not take the opportunity to re-evaluate your diet and food choices? Aim for healthier foods and don’t go all out at the Ramadhan bazaars or buffet spread. Moderation is still key.

Break bad habits. Apart from eating and drinking, smoking is also not encouraged during Ramadhan (or it’s considered batal puasa!). Try and cut down on the smoking altogether – or if you can, quit.

Social media detox. It might be hard to go on a social media detox during Ramadhan – we’ll probably be glued to Facebook during what is supposed to be lunchtime. But it will be worth it if you give it a try. Consider deleting the app off your phone for the month to limit your access and replace them with different activities such as reading or some DIY hobbies!

Rekindle relationships. What to look forward to this fasting month? Breaking fast with friends! Use this time to catch up with old friends and colleagues to buka puasa bersama.

Photo by Ali Arif Soydaş on Unsplash

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