4 Tips to Show You Have Leadership Potential

By Mel Sim

And make sure your boss sees it while you’re at it!

If there is a common goal in everyone’s career, it is to move to the next step in your career. And if there is one quality all bosses look for when thinking of promoting you or giving you a new significant role in the company, it is that you have leadership quality.

But let’s get one thing straight: Being a leader doesn’t mean you boss people around or tell people what to do. In fact, leadership should be defined as a simple matter of taking ownership and being more responsible, being able to realise opportunities and then taking advantage of them.

How do you harness these qualities? And more importantly, what should you do to ensure your boss realises that you have the potential?

Read on for our tips:

#1 Solve, not react
You may think that in your junior position, you should just wait for instructions, right? In some circumstances yes but if you really want to show that you have potential, demonstrate the ability and desire to offer solution. This way, you show that you’re thinking about how to best work around situation and that you are thinking of how to create more opportunities for the company – all traits of a great leader. It points to critical thinking, which is something managers love to see as they know they can depend on you to lead instead of waiting to be led.

#2 Be professional
Tantrums, sulking, indifference – showing these will create doubt about your commitment to the job and your work ethics. Professional, team player, responsible – now these will show that you value the work you are doing and am working towards being a top performer! And whether you realise it or not, your boss knows exactly what’s going on, even if you’re just ranting to your colleagues!

#3 Brush up on your communication skills!
We can’t stress how important communication skills are as it forms the foundation of how you present your thoughts, relate to your colleagues, and expresses yourself as a worthy employee. Being able to explain clearly will help get your ideas across while communicating with active purpose will help you achieve your desired outcome. Management is listening and if they like what they hear that’s coming from you (instead of just babbling out ideas with no clear focus or worst, not saying anything at all!), you’ll have a good shot at the being on the to-promote list.

#4 Go the extra mile
Boss needs a hand with a new project? Volunteer for it! Colleague needs some input for a project you’re not working on? Doesn’t matter – share your thoughts! Company looking for individuals to take part in a CSR project? Go for it, even if it is not work related. The idea is to show that you are motivated to prove your value and play your part as an employee in a company that has given you ample opportunities in your career. Besides, you never know what new skills you might learn that will further your career!

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