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3 Awesome Easy Tips On How To Get Your Career On Track

Posted on 2021-03-31 06:00:00

Works for both seasoned professional or if you are just starting out.

Are you a fresh graduate currently on your job hunt or a professional looking for your next big career move? The answers to your problems can be found in two words: Personal branding.

Ever thought what makes your favourite brand your favourite brand? Apart from the quality, it could very well be how the brand markets its products. For example, Nike shoes are just as good as Adidas but that Nike commercial you saw with Ronaldo in it could be the reason you add those Nike trainers to your cart.

Likewise yourself! When organisations are looking for their right hire, they’re bound to look at how their candidates put themselves out. Apart from your resume, there are a lot of other ways you can market your personal brand to make a better impression with recruiters. Here are three you can start with.

#1 Re-evaluate how you want to be seen
A wordsmith? Fullstack developer? Accounting ace? Use these specialised terms on your public profiles to let recruiters know what your speciality is. If you’re a fresh graduate, avoid using generic terms like ‘Accounting Graduate’ because odds are that all their shortlisted candidates must be accounting graduates! Instead, phrase your title based on your career goals like ‘Aspiring Java Software Developer’.


#2 Build your own website
When in doubt, Google it out! Let’s be honest, everyone has at one point Googled themselves and odds are, recruiters would turn to Google to learn a bit more about their potential hires! With apps like Wix, you can easily create a website for yourself, highlighting your skills and strengths along with a portfolio of your work so the next time anyone Googles you, they’ll see more about you and why they should hire you!

#3 Video resumes are the IN thing!
As important as it is to have a hard copy of your resume, a video resume makes things easier for recruiters. Why read three pages of a CV when they can just tune into a two-minute video? Take advantage of the GRADUAN App by recording a short pitch of yourself and including it in your GRADUAN profile. Recruiters can watch this video when you apply for a vacancy in their organisation!

Photo by Saulo Mohana on Unsplash

By Ahmed Wafi

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