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8 Bad Work Habits to Drop Right Now to Be More Successful – Especially #4!

Posted on 2018-12-24 08:20:00

Want 2019 to be the year for your career? Then it’s time to do something about these bad habits at work.

It’s almost the new year and there’s no better time than now for a few career adjustments and resolutions. One place to start? By getting rid of negative work habits that can potentially hold you back from being noticed at work. Here are seven habits you need to say good-bye to forever.

#1 Stop multitasking
Research shows that multitasking is a time and productivity killer so why are you still trying to do three things at the same time? When you multitask, you’re losing focus, which causes you not to do a good job that your boss eventually notices.

So if you’re talking on the phone taking notes while trying to edit a job proposal and also researching something on the website, stop right now. Do this instead: Shut down on everything else except for the immediate job you need to get done. Spend a good 10 minutes focused on it and then take a short break before coming back to it. Once completed, move on to the other task on your list.

#2 Quit complaining
There will be days where you’ll experience gross injustice and things will happen that will not make you happy at all. Complaining about it to everyone who will listen won’t solve a single thing. Instead, it creates unnecessary tension and puts everyone else in a bad mood, or awkward situation when they don’t see the situation the way you do. Be careful too, you never know who might be listening like your immediate boss or CEO who will think of you as ungrateful. Don’t like something? Keep it to yourself.

#3 No more social media during work hours
The biggest time waster? Liking pictures on Instagram and checking out your friends’ updates on Facebook. You may think it’s only for a few minutes each time but it all adds up! Which is why some companies have either blocked social media sites completely or monitor your daily use (yes, your boss knows when you’re on Facebook instead of writing that report). Do yourself a favour – stay off social media while at work and turn off the notifications on your phone too.

#4 Don’t say yes all the time
Yes, you can help with that project. Yes, you will help write up that proposal. Yes, you can work this weekend. And yes, you’ll soon find yourself completely burnt out trying to do everything and anything! Stop saying yes to everything. It doesn’t mean that you’re incompetent or not a team player; it just means that you know how to prioritise and is focused on doing a good job first before moving on to something else.

#5 Quit beating yourself up
You won’t be the smartest, fastest, most efficient, most likeable in the office. You are going to have good days and bad days. You will make mistakes. Guess what – everyone is the same, even your boss. What you need to do is to believe in yourself and that you have it in you to do your very best.

Try this for the new year: Write three things you want to change or accomplish. Notice how that made you motivated and more inspired? Keep it up and continually add to that list whenever you check one off.

#6 Lighten up!
You’re here to work but all work and no play makes you a dull person. The workplace is a great way to meet and make new friends, learn new cultures and discover things. Don’t bury yourself in front of the computer or report; socialise and make friends. You’ll love coming to work regardless how stressful or busy if you’re surrounded by people whose company you enjoy.

#7 Stop being late for everything
The one thing nobody can stand – tardiness. If you’re constantly late to work, back from lunch late, handed in your report a day after, stop it. Being late shows that you care less about your professional image and work. Plus, it’s disrespectful for those waiting on you.

#8 Don’t isolate yourself
It’s one thing not to engage in office politics (good) but another to completely isolate yourself from what’s happening in the office (bad). To climb the corporate ladder, you need to get out there and make yourself known to everyone, both inside and outside the company. Professional networking is important whether it is with the higher ups in your company or others in another organisation. Don’t hole up in your cubicle. Get out there, mingle and network.

Picture by lukasbieri on Pixabay

By Mel Sim

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