When I grow up, I want to be just like…

By Aminah Madihah

This year at GRADUAN® Aspire 2024, we want to know who you aspire to be.

Remember when you were in school, tasked to write an essay, a really common topic would be: Who is your hero? Or who is your idol? Who do you look up to and who inspires you? This year at GRADUAN® Aspire 2024, we want to do the same by talking about why having a role model is important. Fitting to the name of the fair, we want to know who do you aspire to be?

A role model can be anyone who’s close to you, like a family member or a public figure you wish to be like. A role model can have a profound impact on our lives, shaping our aspirations, values, and sense of self, reminding us of our potential for success.

Here are more reasons why it’s important to have a figure to look up to:

1. Find inspiration
Having a role model provides a wellspring of inspiration. When we look up to someone, we're often inspired by their achievements, qualities, and journey. Their success can spark our own ambitions and fuel our determination to pursue our dreams. Moreover, a role model's resilience in the face of challenges can inspire us to persevere through the difficulties that we face ourselves, reminding us that obstacles are merely stepping stones on the path to success and if you are resilient, you too can achieve success just like your role model!

2. Challenge yourself to become better
When we admire someone and aspire to be like them, we set higher standards for ourselves. We push beyond our comfort zones, embrace new opportunities, and strive for excellence in everything we do. A role model serves as a constant reminder that there's always room for improvement. Their example motivates us to continuously better ourselves, whether it's academically, professionally, or personally. In essence, they challenge us to reach our full potential and become the best version of ourselves.

3. Remind you of who you can be
Role models often embody the qualities and achievements we wish to own. Whether it's their career success, altruistic endeavours, or personal characteristics, they serve as a benchmark for setting our own goals and aspirations. By observing their journey and accomplishments, we can gain insights into the steps needed to reach similar heights. Their example motivates us to strive for excellence and gives us something to aim for in our own lives.

4. Guidance through adversity
We know this: Life isn't always smooth sailing. It throws us curve balls and challenges that can sometimes leave us feeling lost or overwhelmed. However, having a role model can provide a source of guidance during these tough times. Knowing that someone you admire has faced similar obstacles and has overcome them can instil a sense of hope and resilience within you. Their experiences serve as a roadmap, helping you navigate through your own difficulties with courage and determination.

5. Cultivate newfound values and ethics
A role model not only inspires us with their achievements but also influences our moral compass. By observing their behaviour and actions, we learn important lessons about integrity, compassion, and perseverance. They embody the values we hold dear and serve as a constant reminder of the kind of person we aspire to be.

Who are your role models? Share them with us @Graduan! Also, don’t forget to join our #iAspire campaign and stand a chance to win cash prizes.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash.

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