Track Your 2022 WINS! ?

By Mel Sim

And how it can help with your career.

2022 has been quite like the past two years – tough. COVID-19 is still around, quarantine is still tough (though it’s now 7 days or earlier if you test negative before your quarantine is up!), inflation sucks. But there have been several wins too – travel is back, dining out is on again, events are up and coming. Things are slowly looking up and we sure hope they stay that way!

Now, let’s take a closer look at 2022 and how it was for you. Pretty sure there are ups and downs. We’re halfway done (can you believe it – another five more months to go before 2023!) and you know what we always recommend come the halfway mark? Log your accomplishments to see where you’re heading. Why is it important to track your achievements? Firstly, it is something you can use to review your year. Without writing or logging down all the things you’ve accomplished for the year, there’s no tangible way to assess if you’re on the right track in both your personal and professional life. Logging down your achievements gives you a visual representation and can motivate you to do even better for the rest of the year. At the very least, it will show where you currently are in your goals for 2022 and what else you need to do to catch up.

A bonus when it comes to work? Knowing exactly what you’ve accomplished is good information on hand when it comes to providing your boss with a list of your yays for the year, especially handy during assessment and performance review time! Wait, there’s another bonus: It’s also great to have so you can easily update your CV or share during an interview if a new job is on the horizon for 2022.

What are some achievements you should be tracking?

  • Any major tasks you completed within the given timeframe
  • The important role you played in a major project
  • Upskilling you’ve done for the year (for example, short courses you completed)
  • Ideas you’ve shared that are currently being executed (always good to know so you can provide examples of you thinking out of the box and being a major contributor to your team’s success!)
  • Awards, recognitions, stuff that you can say, hey look what I picked up!
  • Personal stuff like skills you’ve picked up, on-the-side learning, financial gains…

Track ‘em like a pro!
Sure you can write your 2022 accomplishments down on a piece of paper but we sure hope that your list will take up more than a page or at least you aim to achieve even more so one piece of paper won’t cut it!

There are many ways to track your accomplishments – you could try an app like Evernote so you can stay on top of things and sync your list across devices (pick up where you left off easily!). Or get yourself a journal and name it your brag book – write down everything you accomplished this year in detail in the book. Another great way to list your accomplishments? Update your CV regularly! Every time you achieved something, make it a point to update your CV. This way, whenever a recruiter calls, you’re good to go and won’t miss out anything!

So how was 2022 for you? Go on, list it down!

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