Seize 2021 With These “New Normal" Resolution Ideas

By Nadia Syafiq

Because the world is not the same anymore…

New year, new resolutions, right? But for 2021, why not make things different? After all, we just went through a challenging and unpredictable year so the same old resolutions won’t do anymore.

That “lose 10kg” resolution? Might be difficult if you continue working from home in close proximity to the refrigerator. Reduce screen time? Well, it’s not like you can go outdoors and watch a movie or hang out with friends like you used to. Travel more? Don’t even go there.

How about these new resolutions that no pandemic can touch.

According to research, mindfulness can play an important role in managing anxiety and reducing stress. And boy do we need a lot of that considering what happened in 2020… and is still happening in 2021! Make time to unwind from all the worrying about the future, and be aware of the present instead. If there’s one thing that COVID taught us is that there’s really no big need to plan for the future. Instead, remain positive and do things that make you feel bliss – reading, knitting, decluttering, gardening, taking long hot baths, meditating, yoga. Also, while it’s good to stay updated, it doesn’t hurt to take breaks from the barrage of news.

As they say, variety is the spice of life. Well, spice up your New Normal Year by setting a goal to try something new each month. Start small, be creative, and two is always better than one. Get your friends and family involved. Come up with your own calendar where you keep track of everything you’ve achieved each month and by the end of 2021, you’ll be amazed by all the productivity you’ve accomplished.

Some ideas? Start a DIY channel on YouTube, enroll in an online henna art class, try out new recipes every month, make monthly playlists, the list goes on. Be creative and finish the year with a bang!

Cut yourself some slack about the extra 10kg. Instead, focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With health in check, you’ll have a stronger immune system that will help you battle the mighty virus. Resolve to change your daily behaviors – sleep earlier, eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Make sure it is something you can sustain so you won’t lose steam come June.

Still, want to lose the extra weight? Consider joining online workout classes. It’s cheaper and you are more likely to keep up with it in the comfort of your own home.

The must-have resolution for all 2021 professionals out there! As the workforce market toughens, more progress is required of you. This is the time where your skills and expertise adaptability are being assessed. No matter what background or field you are in, there are many skills to be learned that could benefit your career plans. Enroll in an online learning program and take courses to learn or improve on a skill that will be useful for your future or current plans.

You can also take this time to reinvent yourself and reskill. Figure out a better path if your current one isn’t good enough. The sky is the limit. Investing in your personal growth will always bring good to you in the future.

Have faith. The path to beating COVID-19 is clear now that the vaccine is on its way. Until then, wear a mask, practice social distancing, and resist the urge to leave your safe space. While doing so, manifest your goals and plans for after the pandemic ends. Pin down all the beautiful places you want to travel to, think of all the things you want to do with your friends, make a list of all the cafes you want to check out. We’ll get there soon!

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