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By Dania Aziz

SME Bank’s Graduate Talent Programme (GTP) provides a great opportunity in gaining your first working experience in the corporate world.

Geared towards developing home-grown young and talented individuals to be highly competent executives, SME Bank’s Graduate Talent Programme (GTP) is intended to provide a comprehensive approach to learning and development that includes knowledge, skills, mindset, and motivation.

This 18-months programme targets graduates who are able to comprehend and exemplify its SMILE fundamental values, as well as become future bank business leaders.

There are two types of career tracks designated for this graduate programme: Graduate Bankers (GBs) and Graduate Executives (GEs). GBs track gives talent exposure in business function while GEs track aims to equip talent with exposure in support function such as Human Resource, Risk, Finance, Shariah and many more.

Throughout this programme, talent will have the chance to work on real-world difficulties, collaborate with top subject matter experts, and receive ongoing training on company culture, product line, and client base.

Besides that, SME Bank incorporates a monthly engagement with the bank's senior leadership team (C-suites) through up-close and personal sessions as an initiative to allow graduate trainees to exchange and share their views and ideas about the business, career, and issues that they face while rising up into the corporate world.

Buckle up for a challenging and exciting career journey

During the programme, talent will be supported every step of the way with carefully structured trainings, on-the-job learning, high-flyers project, learning events and mentoring. All participating talent will have equal opportunity to develop and evolve with the organisation.

The selected talent will get to build rock-solid foundations for a challenging and exciting career with the initiatives encompassed in this programme.

Mentoring for Success. Each graduate trainee will be assigned a mentor from divisional leaders to be coached and guided throughout the programme. The responsibilities of the mentors involve constructing a course journey and providing all of the necessary resources the graduate trainees need to achieve their career objectives.

Job Rotations. This programme creates the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience by rotating them within three to four different related functions, each with a wide variety of onerous tasks.

Learning Events. During the first three months of the programme, talent will be enrolled in a structured learning programme that incorporates soft skills, leadership, and basic financial knowledge in order to augment their practical training.

High-flyers Project. Graduate trainees will be assigned to different teams where they work together on a project sponsored by business units that brings positive impact to the bank.

At the end of this programme, the talent will receive the required skills and professional competence to build a solid foundation for a successful career with the bank. On top of that, they will be able to foresee and handle complex problems, manage projects, establish people networks, and meet the banking industry's ongoing challenges.

Wondering if you are a good fit? SME Bank is on the hunt for graduates who are highly motivated and goal-oriented, have an entrepreneurial spirit, love working in fast-paced situations, and have demonstrated leadership traits via a diverse portfolio of extra-curricular activities.

If you meet all of the above requirements, you are an excellent candidate for this programme.

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