By Jean Lee

Prudential Malaysia’s Chief Customer & Marketing Officer Eric Wong talks about why it’s important to engage, empathise and evolve for a successful start in insurance.

With experience in various industries from consumer package goods to finance, Eric Wong – Prudential Malaysia’s Chief Customer & Marketing Officer – decided that insurance would be his vocation. The reason was simple: Wong was intrigued with the industry not just because of its interesting business challenges but also the rate of growth that comes with it. This comes from the backdrop that insurance is still under-penetrated in a market like Malaysia. “Insurance has been enjoying positive growth rate and a lot of discipline from other industries can easily be applied to insurance,” says Wong.

His role as Prudential’s Chief Customer & Marketing Officer sees him taking on the responsibility to ensure positioning of the brand as the number one insurer, along with developing best in class product propositions. He also works closely with strategic and distribution partners, making sure of a smooth transition from product to customers while paying enormous attention to customer needs. “The needs of our customers differ from so many factors; health and medical needs, different generation needs, lifestage needs and many more,” he explains.

The inspiring leader finds job satisfaction from working and collaborating alongside peers across departments. And just like any position, Wong’s role comes with its fair share of difficulties and challenges. One of it is making insurance products easier to understand. The other is evolving the marketing approach to one that syncs with the changing customer trends. He also adds the difficult task in obtaining good talent and moving his team of people.

Skills to engage others are a significant advantage to have, says Wong. He also stresses on responsible selling and being constantly curious, and to make the right decisions at the appropriate time.

Another skill to master? “Empathy and constant engagement. Always be willing and open to listen to others,” Wong says.

With customer needs being a priority in the changing times we live in today, the demand for simplicity, accuracy and efficiency to deliver information and solutions are crucial. Wong says, “The information age today has changed; people are able to make wiser comparisons, they are more savvy and more demanding.” To address this, Prudential has equipped its agents to serve clients better by providing fast and informative tools.

Wong wraps up by saying there is no one perfect candidate that fits all the skills required or expected. “Everyone is unique to contribute in their own distinct way,” he says.


Eric Wong shares his tips on what it takes to go far

Be curious
Be the first to take the initiative to ask or share with one another.

Be authentic
Be honest with yourself, know your strengths, and be upfront about your weaknesses and acknowledge the need to improve.

Be engaging
Always find opportunity to engage and listen to others.

Be available
The doors are always open for constructive feedback and casual chats all around.

Be considerate
Put yourself in others' shoes. Don’t easily jump to conclusions.

Be yourself
Genuine, flexible and natural.

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