All You Need to Know about Sime Darby Oils’ Graduate Accelerated Programme

by Mel Sim

Why it’s the perfect fit if you have the potential.

#1 It gives you on-the-job opportunities
The two-year Graduate Accelerated Programme (GAP) provides structured development that covers technical and personal effectiveness development, and is tailor-made for trainees to be exposed to a fast paced and exciting environment. You’ll receive real-world experiences working alongside high-calibre peers and mentors.

#2 It covers all bases
It involves a one-year rotation in the manufacturing and commercial track, and a one-year permanent placement. This way, you not only experience intensive training in functional roles but also in leadership and other soft skills to prepare, condition and align you with the company’s vision and culture as well as develop personal and operational excellence and leadership skills.

#3 It’s set to make you a future leader
With how it’s structured, as a trainee you can expect to have greater understanding of not just functional or technical knowledge but greater exposure in enterprise management to the ability to lead yourself and others.

#4 There will be even more opportunities for you after the programme
Upon completion of the programme, successful candidates will be assigned to permanent roles for critical positions within Sime Darby Oils, preparing them for bigger roles within the organisation both in Malaysia and abroad in commercial and manufacturing operations.

#5 It’s highly competitive
That’s because it’s set only for the best! To qualify, you will need a Bachelor’s degree with an excellent academic track record and a minimum CGPA of 3.5, less than two years working experience, and possess strong analytical thinking and leadership capabilities. Even during your application and assessment process, the company will be assessing you using the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and there will be a panel interview by the senior leaders as well as a socialising test. You’ll also need to submit a video CV for consideration. Sounds tough but once you’ve made it, it’s worth it!

For more details, visit Sime Darby Oils' Virtual Booth at GRADUAN ASPIRE and check out the GAP Job Posting at

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