Jobs You Never Knew Existed

By Nadia Syafiq

Sleep on the job… and get paid for it!

What if someone came up to you and said you could get paid for sleeping? Sounds like pie in the sky?

This is in fact true and what local mattress company Sonno did for its Get Paid to Sleep campaign in 2020. Sonno hired a Sleep Executive with a passion in all things related to sleep to go on a slumber on their mattress eight hours a day for 100 nights. The role was open to all Malaysians above 18 years old and besides having good communication and interpersonal skills, the Sleep Executive was required to document his or her sleep journey. The “pay”? A Sonno Lite mattress of her choosing which included Sonno pillows and on top of that, a remuneration of RM3,000 - what more can one ask for in a dream job?

We checked in with Sonno founder Fabio Miceli to find out how people responded. “We received over 8,000 applications in one month! The criteria was to have someone familiar and active on social media. Our professional sleeper should possess the ability to create engaging content detailing their sleep journey on social media to spread the importance of having a great sleeping experience. We screened through every applicant and in the end, we selected only one person for this role,” says Fabio.

According to Fabio, Sonno is a young and a fun organisation. “We always encourage positive sleeping habits hence we decided to do it in an unconventional way. Just like our slogan says, ‘Sleep Well Live Better’. At Sonno, we put sleep at the centre of everything we do and having someone test and report the quality of sleep with Sonno’s products is fundamental.”

A memorable experience they had when dealing with the chosen Sleep Executive was when “the Sleep Executive was expecting us to collect the products given to her. Little did she know that all the Sonno products were hers to keep,” Fabio recalls.

Interested to find out more? Stay tuned for updates on future intakes at and follow Sonno at @sleepsonno on Instagram and Facebook.

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