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Getting a job was already hard before the pandemic, but it got harder with the pandemic. With Malaysia moving towards an endemic state, fresh graduates applying for an entry-level position should be well versed in what to search for at a place of employment.

A recent study commissioned by Randstand and independently conducted by Kantar TNS showed that in 2021, the top three employee value propositions (EVPs) that Malaysians are looking for in an ideal employer are attractive salary and benefits (72%), work-life balance (69%), and strong management. (64%).

Where does Coway Malaysia stand in all of this? Here’s what its Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Daniel Choi has to say about their EVPs:

Daniel Choi, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

#1 Good Employee Welfare
“Employee welfare is the top priority in the company. Employees are rewarded with bonuses and increments to achieve positive growth and revenues. The employee benefits plan is reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure that it remains up to date with the current trends and meets the needs of Cowayians. One of the benefits is healthcare, in which we urge employees to take advantage of our health screening benefits for an early detection against illnesses.”

#2 Fun Perks
Want to visit Coway’s headquarters in South Korea? As a Cowayian, you may get the opportunity to visit the headquarters to exchange cultures and experiences with the Coway family worldwide. Besides that, employees are also encouraged to participate in HR policy-making through the Coway-Happy-Committee, which allows them to brainstorm and provide input to the HR team.

Coway Malaysia recently partnered with Universiti Malaya (UM) to establish Coway's first international R&D centre at the institution, which includes various facilities for water and sleep quality research as well as product creation with Malaysians in mind. This collaboration opens up opportunities for Coway employees to exchange information and cross-functional understanding with industry experts from South Korea and Malaysia.

Coway has also collaborated with celebrities, one of them BTS, the world-renowned K-pop group.

“The team will receive a sneak peek at any materials we produce with BTS, our worldwide brand ambassador. Recently, Mira Filzah has been named as our local brand ambassador. We'll hold more fun events, and they'll get to meet Mira in the process,” explains Daniel Choi.

#3 Work-life Balance
Coway believes that it can improve one's physical, emotional, and mental health.

“Working-life balance has never been more vital at Coway. To prove this, Coway is committed to ensuring that all women have equal access to opportunities. Coway Ladies (or Codys) who specialise in servicing products at clients’ homes have a more flexible work schedule. These positions are frequently performed by single mothers or mothers with young children at home,” says Daniel Choi.

There’s also a Wellness Zone in Coway’s office. This is the area where employees can relax and refresh with equipment such as massage chairs, a breastfeeding space for mothers, and a quieter spot where staff can enjoy their personal time as needed.

Daniel Choi also mentions: “To ensure productivity, we operate flexibly within the team. We encourage the staff to work effectively to be more flexible in their personal lives. We also emphasise diversity because we aim to create a diverse workplace where people of all cultures, colours, and genders can understand and appreciate one another. We have frequent festival celebrations where top management and employees all come together to have a good time.”

#4 Friendly Working Environment
“We build a healthy and convenient living environment through our innovation since we believe that happy employees are a result of it. Coway is also keen to bring its employees on a life-changing journey. This encourages its employees to have a healthy lifestyle both at work and at home. Not only that, through its numerous corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, Coway wants its employees to feel fulfilled by contributing.”

Daniel Choi also mentions that fresh graduates would be exposed to endless possibilities and a world of opportunities, including giving back to society and the environment through the company's series of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives while enriching the lives of future generations. He adds that the opportunities are not just limited to local opportunities. Cowayians may have the chance to be allocated to provide support for other Coway subsidiaries located outside of Malaysia.

Coway was named one of Malaysia's top six Most Preferred Employers in the GRADUAN® Brand Awards 2021, an annual survey that has attracted over 150,000 Malaysian talent over the last decade in sharing essential information about working in Malaysia.

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