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Beyond Digital

Posted on 2020-06-22 02:00:00

With consumer changes and trends dictating the future of the mobile phone industry, Samsung is on the lookout for young talent eager to take on innovative ideas.

A lot has changed for the mobile phone industry. It began with the days of bulky devices serving basic communication needs like calls and very limited messaging services on an analog platform. Then came GPRS, which made picture messaging possible. The evolution kept on coming – 2.75G, Edge, 3G and 4G – each one surpassing the previous generation with faster data transfer enabling new technology like video streaming and impacting other industries such as the entertainment industry. And now, 5G is on the cusp, and this will also bring upon many changes to how we interact with mobile technology to innovate our lives even more.

In essence, the mobile phone industry is one that never stops evolving, and it is for this very reason why it is an attractive and interesting industry to be a part of.

This is something that KM Liew can attest to. Samsung’s Head of IT & Mobile is thick in the industry’s evolution. “This industry is an active industry, where technology advancement is one main booster to bring the industry into new heights,” he shares. And who does he think will be the ones spearheading the industry to move forward? “Millennials and Gen Z’s lifestyles change faster with technology advancement and these young consumers are the ones who will chart the next course of our industry growth. They will be the ones to identify new consumer needs with technology advancement. Thus, I believe young talent will be the catalyst of change and growth in our industry,” shares Liew.

In case you think that only techies need apply, Liew sets the record straight: “The biggest misconception is that we are in the technology industry. I beg to differ as I think our industry has more FMCG characteristics. We need to understand consumers more and how their lifestyles change. On top of that, we also need to align new technology into new or existing consumer needs. I believe that if you want to generate new ideas and find new platforms to create new consumer needs, our industry will be most suitable for you.”

Liew himself is an example of his belief that you don’t need a techie background to excel. Twenty-five years ago, he took on a regional Southeast Asia position as a marketing executive managing seven countries in the region in an IT multinational company, which he says gave him the exposure and understanding of various markets and how consumers – and co-workers – differ from one country to another.

“This exposure made me appreciate diversity within team members. I applied it in my career in 2010 as the Head of Channel overseeing about 150 team members. Through diversity, my team formed various strengths together and achieved great results that otherwise would have been impossible,” he shares. In his current role with Samsung, Liew is in charge of leading his team to achieve their business KPIs and at the same time grow the team members to bring out their best in their roles.

The opportunities at Samsung itself call for talent from different backgrounds. “We are fast moving with flagship smartphones becoming obsolete in a year; we wouldn’t have been the Samsung today without our Marketing and Branding team. Stocks would not have been replenished without the Supply Chain Management team. Sales would have stagnated without sales strategists and product planners. Or imagine, if there was no Finance team to manage our liquidity and profitability, Innovation team to ensure we’re effective and efficient, and a forward-thinking HR team to ensure that we get the right and bright talent for Samsung.

Samsung is not just about IT and digital. We have many other segments that will welcome young talent such as Consumer Electronics, Customer Services and more. We are not only looking for engineers or programmers. Samsung is a vessel that requires talent from all disciplines to stay on course. We have a place for you,” explains Liew.

The one common “skill” that the company is looking out for though? “The industry will focus on enhancing consumer lifestyle in the next decade. This will involve coming up with new products and services that will serve new consumer needs. Young talent should be open to new concepts of products and services, and focus on understanding the young consumer demand.

“Samsung is a young multinational company with strong Korean culture. We are growing fast to adapt to the global environment and celebrate diversity in all areas. There are high levels of empowerment that Samsung provides but that depends very much on the young talent’s willingness to shoulder greater accountability and responsibility. The pace of work is extremely fast in Samsung and every decision is made through a scientific and binary approach. So if you are a young talent who wants a working environment with high empowerment, great learning platforms and innovation-focused work style, Samsung is your perfect choice. Plus, who wouldn’t be proud to say that they’re working for the sixth most valuable brand in the world?” says Liew.

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By Marilyn Lee

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