8 Feel Good Movies For The MCO

By Ahmed Wafi

Because we all need some positivity!

Staying at home all day making you feel a certain way? Well, you’re not alone. The MCO has most people feeling restless staying in all day but hey! Keep in mind that this is us doing our part to save the world from the wretched virus!

Sit back and watch some of these films with your loved ones. It’s bound to bring out a few laughs!

The protagonist is a talking rabbit who’s a cop. Need we say more? Zootopia pretty much paints a picture of what our world would look like if animals had the same level of intelligence as us. The directors also humorously framed different animals having different roles in society with hilarious outcomes! NOTE: Sloths should never work customer service.

The Longest Yard
Nearly every Adam Sandler film is bound to make you laugh and this one is no different. Watch it and you’ll agree. Hard to believe it was released 15 years ago!

Forrest Gump
“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. Ah, the famous movie quote. You won’t go wrong watching this movie about the ever-interesting life of Forrest Gump!

School of Rock
Before he was Professor Shelly Oberon in Jumanji, Jack Black was Dewey Finn who somehow became a substitute teacher at an elementary school. Having been kicked out of his rock band, Dewey decides to recruit his class of young kiddos to become members of a rock band appropriately named School of Rock.

Inside Out
If you looked past the cute humour in this film, you’ll find a deeper meaning to the message the director intends for the audience. In fact, a lot of thought was put into the film which was inspired by the changes director Pete Docter saw in his daughter’s personality as she grew older.

Monsters University
FUN FACT: This fan favourite is Pixar’s only prequel film! The first movie, Monsters Inc., was released in 2001 and immediately became a hit. Kids had to wait until they became adults to finally get the second instalment but it was worth it. Seeing what Mike and Sully were like back in college gave fans a sense of nostalgia and a backstory to their beloved monsters.

Mrs. Doubtfire
A classic comedy! Released in 1993, the laughs that the late Robin Williams give in this film is timeless. Williams disguises himself as an ageing Scottish nanny to work in his ex-wife’s house in order to spend more time with his kids. What follows suit is comedy for the ages.

Three Idiots
The cinematography in this movie paired with intellectual humour in a college setting is not just hilarious but hits close to home. You’ll definitely be able to relate tough lecturers, sleepless nights spent studying for exams and life on campus!

Picture by Chauhan Moniz on Unsplash

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