We’ve made some great discoveries and advances with technology but the biggest impact technology has over the past decade is in how it has dramatically changed how we live our day to day. Here are six examples of how technology has forever changed our lives.

#1 We no longer send out spam emails

Instead, we now have Facebook and Whatsapp to circulate lengthy stories about how someone was travelling to somewhere when something unbelievable happened – you know how the story goes.

#2 Meeting someone the traditional way? What’s that?

Dating apps? All the rage now when it comes to meeting new people out of your usual circle. Ask just about anyone and chances are they’ve been on a date with someone they met online. Oh and don’t get us started on how Google, Facebook and Instagram are great ways to vet your date.

#3 We watch TV differently too

Remember those days when you had to sit in front of the telly sharp at 9pm for your favourite show? Well, now you can watch what you want, when you want and how you want with streaming and video apps that are super popular right now.

#4 How we source for information

Let’s all say it now – Google is our best friend when it comes to information. Looking for a job? Enter job vacancies in the search field and you’ll be scrolling through all day long. Looking for info on a company that’s hiring? Just check out its website and the answers to your questions are all there.

#5 How we shop

No time to hit the shopping mall? Hate finding for parking? Not when you shop online! E-commerce has become a huge, huge thing in Malaysia. According to a study done by Shoppi, 75% of Malaysians shop online regularly with fashion, home and beauty items as the top three most bought items online.

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